28 July 2011

Photo News From Mary Lou In Florida

Here is the Pro Picture of the kids at their shows, and a couple others that Kathy took. Merlin is with Ray and Gypsy with me. Gypsy took BOB and Merlin took BOS to her. I am in love with these 2 babies. They are both very happy, outgoing youngsters. ml



Thank you Mary Lou lovely young dogs, Gypsy looks to have plenty of colour in her coat.



Hello Mary Lou

Looking good, when are you coming back to the North East??

The Makems

bill said...

they look like Miss Pie

Mary Lou said...

Dereck, I would be there tomorrow if I could afford it.
Billy, they are both a LOT taller than Pie or Molly. And, as dark as Gypsy's coat is, it is also thick as sheep wool. I like them both a whold lot.