29 July 2011

A Quick Hi From Busy Tricia On Oracoke Island USA

Rose, baby Willo, GreysonRose,baby Willo and Greyson

I have been very busy. And it is HOT!!! 95-96F for the last month....I am about to wilt & I work outside. I am taking all of next week off because my family is going to be here and I want to spend tons of time with my granddaughters. Then after they leave I desperately need to groom my 5 rag-a-muffins. Sorry I have not been active on the blog, but like tonight, I didn't get home until after 11:30 pm

Willo & StoreyStorey and Willo

Have you seen this link? It it something you can share on the blog? It is so sad and heartbreaking...Temperament Testing, Bias & ridiculousness in shelter practice
Click HERE

Thank you Tricia, lovely to hear from, you certainly deserve a break from the restaurant,  enjoy your week with the grandchildren,  and do send us some photos. A very interesting video clip of a lovely kind pit bull. 


enid said...

Nice to hear from you Trish. I'm pleased it's not that hot here . I expect the dogs are all hiding from the sun.


Hello Tricia

Where's y bin, nice to hear from you again. Must be nice to know you are going to get some warm weather unlike here in the UK where two days are never the same.

The Makems

Trish said...

It has been hot! Hot! Hot! No end in sight, even with watering everyday everything is dying. And we have high humidity too...heat indicies to 115F...it is 85F now and it is 8:30 am! The dogs do like to still get their laying in the sun time, but they can only stand about 15 minutes of it.

Rod Chris & Lucy said...

Its good to hear from you again! We love to hear about your life on the other side of the world.Do hope hose temps. do not come this way, we love the sunshine but thats too hot for us !
Rod Chris Lucy & Alys xxx

patricia said...

Very sad video indeed, --- I dont think my dogs could live there, I could tho. they wont walk at seven am, if its a bit warm.