31 July 2011

Saturday At Oxfordshire County & Thame Show


I took Tammie and Tiffanie Oxfordshire County & Thame Show on Saturday 30th July. Jodie, my dog sitter, her first show handled Tammie. Tammie was in a big AVNSC Open class and came 4th! Great result for a new member of the Bedlington crew!
Tiffanie was in AV Terrier Open class, came 1st then became Best AV Terrier! Not judged on the group system. Both girls then went on to be placed 4th in the brace stakes. Trudie

Thank you Trudie and well done, another fantastic day for the breed in AV and AVNSC classes. Tiffanie looks very proud of her ribbons!


karen said...

well done trudie :)

billy said...

looks like she is counting them

Julie said...

well done Trudie and the girls

Agathasmum Louise said...

Well done Trudie!!

enid said...