20 July 2011

Tilly The Whiplington Trimmed Then Skimmed!

Some pics of Tilly after her Summer haircut. She was getting very hot
yesterday. I wouldn't like to have to groom dogs for a living, it
takes all afternoon !
Did it with a dog comb and some scissors and chatted to her about
where she was going on her holidays, this year.

Not so good today, as over Kings Park when Tilly was running full pelt
when a german shepherd tried to take a chunk out of her, and grazed
her side, hopefully not too deep. (why don't these people warn you if
they have a funny dog? GRRR!!) Alan Hayball

Tilly looks lovely Alan you must bring her to the fun day next year as we may have some bedlington lurcher classes. I wish people would keep control of their dogs especially in public places! 


Agathasmum Louise said...

Tilly looks great with her summer haircut!

EJ said...

she looks very smart and tidy, well done! Hate these people letting their dogs off lead when they obviously arent safe x


Well done Alan on her haircut, she's a beautiful little girl.

Tina W said...

Tilly looks really smart-such a shame that people let naughty dogs run loose.

patricia said...

Gorgeous girl, we have a horrible hound up our woods, we all know it is soo nasty, and we have all tackled her, but ITS NEVER HER DOG. all it needs is a soft muzzle, we have even reported it!!! so frustrating

al hayball said...

Here, Here! I'm afraid we have to all be vigilant these days whilst out on a walk. Trying not to stereotype..but there are the 'Chav with the dog' situation, which aint good. Someone that has a dog for the wrong reasons. al

Jude said...

I have recently become the owner of a gorgeous whippet cross bedlington she looks just like Tilly and she is just the cheekiest, kindest, fastest lovable dog name Lola any tips on training would be welcome.

al hayball said...

Rather than write all my tips out here, Jude, You should check out our facebook site: Bedlington Whippet Appreciation Group. We are called 'Matilda Whiplington and me' - Good luck, al