27 July 2011

Trevor Off To Scotland With Lucy, Debbie and family


Hi Lesley just a couple of photos of Codey’s pups they are now 5 weeks old and full of mischief, they are all going outside for their playtime now and enjoying every minute . Trever (liver/tan) pup is going to live in Fife with Debbie who has just became a member of the blog x


Thank you Sue, these are just lovely pups and Trevor is gorgeous, be careful I don’t come up and steal him away before Debbie takes him up north! Little Lucy will have so much fun with  new young brother to play with.



It's great to see all these pups
on the blog, they are all so beautiful, Makes me want one!!
I bet Debbie can't wait to get Trevor, and lucy will be so excited to have a new little brother.

gaznsue said...

Four of the pups have got lovely homes to go to, only 2 dog pups left to find forever homes.(TREVER)is going to get a new name something magical cause Debbie and her family are into Harry potter lol x

bill said...

hope we get lots of piks of Trever in his new home,i will have to get over to see the pups before they go to there new homes

Debbie said...

I can't wait to see them in real life! We are all so looking forward to it - and yes I shall post a few piccies to keep you all updated!

patricia said...

gorgeous little face, what a loverly bunch!

Stakeford family said...

Thanks Gary and Sue ! We'll look after spartacus ! The girls are busting !