27 July 2011

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers,
Hefin did his last evening surgery on Tuesday and he officially retires on Friday. That doesn't mean that he can have a lie in because the dogs are creatures of habit and Larry will still want to be on the mountain at seven o'clock as usual!
Tim is feeling a lot better and his blood pressure is under control. Hopefully we'll see him around the show ring soon.
It's so sad seeing all those dogs needing rehoming on the blog. I hope they all find good homes soon. We're off to Paignton on Saturday. The entry is very poor but we'll make the most of it. It doesn't help that we are showing on the first Monday in August - not the time to be on the road to the West Country. I don't know who else is going camping. It's the first time for us to go on this site and I understand it's not as good as the previous place.
That's all for now. Good luck to those showing and competing in doggie things over the weekend. Enid

Introducing Maple and Ash from Wales


My first time contributing to Bedlington Pictures and I want to introduce everyone to Maple, she is one of the Llandovery pups. Maple has a Welsh kennel name Seren Canol Nos (or Midnight Star). Her father is Hefin and Enid’s Pengerrig Iron Duke and mother is Alwyn and Heather’s Honeysuckle Clover, thank you to all.


She is settling in well with Ash (Janmark Blue Encounter and Mollora Fancy Pants) and is already tormenting Ash. I’ve been told by a reliable source, that Ash is like his dad and he is unphased by his latest visitor, although, I’m not sure he’s realised she’s here to stay yet. Maple has already started protesting when Ash goes off for his walks without her and we can’t wait to be able to take them both out together.Pictures attached of Ash and Maple getting to know each other, I’ll try to send more as they grow up together. Lesley Wright

We welcome Ash and Maple to the blog and look forward to lots of news and photos from them. It has been so nice having all these pups on the blog over the past few weeks.
It is great to hear Tim is better and hopefully we will see Tim and Julie at the shows very soon, he certainly has not been well over the past few months.  I expect Hefin  is going to enjoy his new leisure time.  It must be fantastic to go away not having to worry about getting back to the surgery. Good luck at the shows  and have a lovely time away.


Shell said...

Maple and Ash are not from Wales, they live in Derby quite close to me and both of them are sweethearts. Welcome to the blog Lesley

enid said...

Daddy Ecco says *hello and welcome to the blog". We hope to see lots of photos as Maple grows and would love to see her and Ash at the Midland show when she's old enough.

J&T said...

Hi Lesley, look forward to hearing all about Ash and his new little sister Maple. Much as they love their humans, beddies adore the company of their own kind.
Jane xxx

J&T said...

Glad to hear Tim is feeling much better.
Trevor & Jane xxx

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Good to see the dogs Lesley!
Ash will be gentle with her.


Welcome to the blog!
Maple is such a beautiful little girl, and Ash looks as though he's wispering a few welcoming words of encouragement in his new "little sister's" ear!!

LesleyW said...

Thank you all - Christine and shelley's words echo in my ears 'you'll never just have one Bedlington'. Everything going well so far and I'll keep updating on their progress.