25 September 2011


Hello Bloggers,
Today we payed a visit to High Spen pet dog show and found that there were also Terrier and Lurcher classes. So as I had the camera i took a few shots for inclusion on the blog. As we all know those of you who look at the blog wor Lesley is always wanting news on our breed.


Here we have Wor Billy with Issac, not sure how many ccc or sss to put in the name. Anyhow Wor Billy was Best Bedlington but thrown out for best Terrier, Ahhhh !!!!


Here we some of the Bedlingtons in attendance at the show, Billy with Issac's Karen with Bramble and Eileen with Dusty, Chrystal and Opal. Billy, 1st, Karen got 2nd and Dusty 3rd.


Here we have The Makem decked out in his new dog walking coat along with Dusty and Chrystal who won best Terrier Brace in the show. Must buy a new belt.


Billy with his mate and his Lurcher wondering if this unknown Bedlington is a right AH. Billy went on the racing, expect he will be reporting on whether he won or not. Ta! Ta! The Makem

Thank you Derek well done to Issacc, Bramble and the Makem duo in the Brace. Do hope Issacc went well in the racing, Mmmm new belt maybe you lost some weight I do like the red racing jacket very sporty goes well with your Bedlington Brace!


bill said...

Duke the lurcher got reserve champion and Issacc does not like the traps in the racing,good fun tho it was great watching the JR giving it hell after the lure.
1st in the terrier championship was a white fell type and 2nd a lakeland type

Lesley 2 said...

Billy traps are a problem some are tO small even for Asha to enter. I am going to make a simple form of trap from a large cardboard box. Don't know if they will be using traps at Gatcombe.


Entered Bramble in the companion show in thw AV Terrier and came
3rd, and nowhere in the Handsome dog class :(
Also Entered Bramble in the terrier racing but after a bit of a sprint he caught a scent and decided that was more interesting so he abandoned the racing and had a good run around sniffing all the differents scents,and when he was done eventualy came back.
The bedlington in the picture is Alfie. the owner said next time she's going to ask the groomer to either scissor or leave around his bum, and she will cut it as he's always sore! (not suprising, poor little lad) Karen