27 September 2011

Welsh News From Enid

The sun has come out at last and we are off to Driffield tomorrow and for once we have a brilliant weather forecast so I've packed the BBQ. Hefin reported that terrier Club of South Wales was very successful. Chokko was BOB and terrier Group 4 which delighted Louise. She very kindly handled Ecco to get 1st in Champion stakes. Hefin was stewarding so couldn't take him in. Elwyn went to watch and enjoyed himself catching up with Kevin,Tim and the rest of the local Bedlington people. I think Louise would have liked to kidnap Maria's puppy! About time you had another one, Louise!
I had a narrow escape on my way back from MBTC. A dreadful accident had happened minutes before I arrive at the scene on the M50. A three car pile up with one upside down. I managed to get past but Sharon was a few minutes behind me and was stuck for two hours.
I've heard at the Show that another dog has been very ill with an upset tummy and I'm wondering it's related to the illness that has affected dogs in Sandringham and Clumber Park. Have any of you had a similar problems this year? Thankfully Ecco is back to normal.Good luck to all those competing at Driffield. Enid

Thank  you Enid. Baby Asha says congratulations to Daddy Chokko! I was so excited to read Chokko went BOB. Good luck to everyone entered  at Driffield on Saturday, the weather forecast is brilliant  for camping. So pleased to read Elywn was attended the show and enjoyed catching up with Tim and Kevin. 


15krystal said...

There are several more areas in the eastern counties which seem to have thrown up cases of the Canine Seasonal thing - appears mostly to be in and around woodland areas. My lot are sticking to the beach - at least it gets washed twice a day by the North Sea!

Agathasmum Louise said...

Ahhh - Maria's puppy Esther is gorgeous! Never mind - maybe next year.

Terrier Club of South Wales was a really friendly show. We arrived early and were made to feel very welcome by everyone. Great walks from behind the sports centre as well. We will definitely be going again next year.

As you know Enid, Chokko and Sandra's Poppy both had the 'bug', not long after returning from Bournemouth show. Interestingly, we had lots of woodland walks whilst we were down there.