22 October 2011

Blog On Standby 23 October Until 3rd November

M&M                        Mork and Mindy waiting for Jon to feed them their breakfast!  

I am really looking forward to a short break as I am taking my mum away for a  holiday. The blog will  not be updating while I am away but will remain open for everyone to leave comments! Jon is staying at home looking after the animals and will check my email every day. Please send in photos, news and stories so I have lots of material to update the blog on our return.
The BTA have a committee meeting in November and I will submitting a letter with event ideas for the fun day. It is your fun day please add to the list, any suggestions!!  Many thanks to Lois Sutton in Ibiza who has kindly offered to sponsor a beginners show event. The fun day is on May 20th and unfortunately clashes with SKC championship show but we will look forward to welcoming friends old and new at what will hopefully  be a well supported  bedlington gathering. Camping will be available as usual over a long weekend.
Good luck to everyone entered at Midland Counties Championship Show! Lesley.


enid said...

Enjoy your holiday!


Yes enjoy your holiday, don't forget the pictures of the sun loungers on the beach. LOL

The Makems

Polly said...

Have a lovely holiday !