18 October 2011

Ecco and Boudica’s Babies

They were taken when they were 3 weeks old ,they are now 4 weeks old and almost twice as big! I will try and get some more up to date ones to you soon. There is just one dog puppy still looking for forever home.  Julie xpups1


Puppy heaven, they look real little characters, you are going to need eyes in the back of your head! Do send us some more photos before they go to their new homes. 



And now the fun starts.

The Makems

enid said...

I love dogs! I don't know why people want bitches as pets - dogs are so much easier!

Julie said...

Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that last night I had 2 enquiries and so providing no-one lets me down at the last minute all the puppies are now taken. All seem to be going to very good homes with 5 out of the 6 having had in the past, or still have Bedlingtons , all be it in one case it was 35yrs ago.
The other family have been brought up with in the case of the husband Poodles and the wife with Boxers. They have researched Bedlingtons well as although they have 2 teenage children they are buying the dog for themselves! They have spent their time together up till now bringing up the children and it is their time. They do a lot of walking and are really excited about eventually owning a dog.
Hopefully we will see some of the puppies in the show ring.
Thanks to everyone who passed on names and telephone no's Julie x