20 October 2011

K9 Marshal Crew's Star gazers


Hello all
We have been very busy of late since our last report. Not only have we been on our adventures every day but Jazz and Sapphire are back to school i.e. dog training and we are doing well!!
We were listening to our local BBC radio station and  became excited when they announced there was a chance to go to a national trust house (18 miles from where we live) to join the Shropshire Astro Club for a Moon Watch night.
Although it was cloudy there were big gaps in the clouds for us to do a bit of star gazing through the telescopes that they had there, and good grief not only did we see the moon close up but we also saw Jupiter and 4 of its moons too which was great. The clouds disappeared so the night sky was clear for us to see the Andromada galaxy which was just amazing. All the youngsters were just spell bound by seeing these stars and moon up close, I took Jazz and Sapphire along with me and they had lots of attention and fuss from the children and adults alike.


The following Saturday Radio Shropshire phoned us up to do a report on  our Moon Watch night!  The K9 Marshal Crew are turning into Radio stars and now getting known around the north of Shropshire. Everyone I work with and people I go and see at work have said we heard you on the radio on Saturday and the next time we do a bit of star gazing they want to come and see the stars through our telescope, ( which gives us an idea about a star gazing party l)


Jazz and Sapphire cannot wait for the next time we go to Attingham Park  to the Moon Watch to have a game of chess in the court yard before the star gazing starts. Sspeak to you all soon Ian, Jazz and Sapphire pups

Thank you Ian what fun! How lucky you were to of had a clear night to look at the moon and stars. What makes the event extra special is having the experts at hand to identify the mass of twinkling lights in the night sky! A really fascinating hobby and i will look forward to hearing all about your next  outing with the Astro Club! The K9 crew are certainly becoming Radio stars in Shropshire, all very exciting!

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