24 October 2011

K9 Trick Or Treat

Lesley is away but I will post pictures and posts that she receives.


Hello All

Well it’s that time of year when you know it’s not safe on the streets with kids and Bedlingtons going trick or treat. This year Jazz and Sapphire have been helping their Uncle Ian down at Whittington Castle doing the Halloween Castle Tours where we have been scaring all the tour goers with our antics of rattling windows, door handles and strange laughing from different parts of the castle even Sue the manageress didn't know where we would pop up next, since I discovered some nice hiding places to hide in with enough room for two little Bedlingtons and myself.

But Jazz and Sapphire wanted to go trick or treat around the town so I took them, and they did some scaring of the youngsters and some treating of the elderly people by giving them loads of fuss and love (bless them) catch you all soon The K9 Marshal Crew.

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patricia said...

fantastic, thank you for sharing it with us. x