22 October 2011

A Very Happy Birthday to…..


Trevor for yesterday, hope you had a special day. Looking forward to seeing  pics of the pups romping on the beach at Southwold. I met a lady yesterday in Marlborough wilts with a much loved 8 year old bedlington that you bred called “Sherbet”, it’s a small world!


Kierlander said...

Happy birthday Trevor, hope you have a great day

Polly said...

Happy Birthday Trevor - hope you've got something good planned.

J&T said...

Hi Lesley, we have been away so only just seen this. I am over the moon you have seen Sherbert as he is the only puppy we,ve bred and lost touch with. If Mrs Deuchar sees this and would like to get in contact I would be thrilled to hear from her!
Jane xxx
ps Trevor had a super Southwold birthday.

k9 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Trevor hope you had a good day from The K9 Marshal Crew