30 November 2011

Good Morning From Wales

mmmmBefore Grooming


Good morning, Bloggers, this is Millie after Tim had given her a good haircut. It won't take long to grow back and should be better than ever. Tim and Julie have just come back from a short break in Portugal. His son had booked it but couldn't go so they went instead.
We had a good day at the Barry and Penarth Show on Sunday. Solo was best AVNSC and then went on to win Terrier Group 1 so we had to stay for BIS which was won by a very nice Japanese Chin. (Not as nice as the Bedlington!!!!) It was a good thing that we had entered the others NFC as my dog sitter from next door has got himself a part time job in Pizza Hut while he studies for his A Levels. Larry was a bit miffed that he didn't get to go into the ring- he loves showing off. While we were there we were told by one of the stewards that he had seen two Bedlingtons walking in Risca so that must have been Maria with Morgan and Ester. Someone else, with cocker spaniels, told me that they go to ringcraft in Camarthen with a Bedlington -must be Clifford and Pat with Ecco's daughter.
Good luck to all those showing at West Midland Terrier on the weekend.

barryshow 015

Thank you Enid Milie looks fantastic and it won’t take long before her coat grows back. She must have been very uncomfortable wearing that matted fleece!. Well done to Solo for his group1!


Agathasmum Louise said...

Milly looked much happier after her haircut! Well done Enid and Solo, great result at last weekend's show.

patricia said...

Milly looks so lovely, I always cut leo short like that, cos, he is always getting caught in the brambles, and fetches half a bush home with him, in fact he looks like milley. well done.larry and leo send their love

Debbie said...

Woah, what a transformation !