23 November 2011

Handsome Whippet Boy Looking For Bedlington Girl For Love!!!

WilburMy name Is Wilbur 

Wilbur is almost two and a KC registered whippet who we would love to mate with a Bedlington bitch. He has a wonderful, gentle character and been brought up with our 2 young boys aged 2.5 and 4 years. We live near Chipping Norton but would be prepared to travel and ideally would like a puppy some time next year. Thank you very much in advance for putting the info on your blog and also for keeping an ear out for anyone you may come across who may be interested. Many thanks and Kind Regards Henny Haworth-Booth 07812 085912


Thank you Henny,  how could any pretty bedlington girl resist such a handsome loving young man! Hopefully a mate can be found.

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Agathasmum Louise said...

Hi Wilbur, you are a gorgeous looking lad. Why don't you visit the Bedlington Fun Day next May? It's in Brailes, so is close to where you live, and all breeds are welcome. You may find the perfect girl just waiting for you there!