29 November 2011

Midland Musings From Jane

There,s not a lot going on here at the moment. Arthur & Erin continue to grow at a pace and getting into even more trouble. Last night Arthur took it in to his head to try DIY by removing the kitchen wallpaper, whereas Erin took a vantage point from on top of the kitchen table!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard not to laugh whilst wringing your hands in despair.
On a different subject, Trevor and Maya found a stray while out for their Sunday morning walk and a strange one at that! Hidden among the leaves on a path close to the canal was a rather large Bearded Dragon. Needless to say he didn't look too happy, being a native of Australia a frosty morning in Worcestershire would have soon seen his demise. So once the dogs were back home Trevor returned to collect the rather sickly looking reptile and put him in the sunny porch to warm up. This most definitely did the trick as by the time I came home from work he had vacated the bucket to explore his surroundings. Later, as we were waiting for an RSPCA officer to collect him, he was moved upstairs, his box on the radiator which he seemed to enjoy and became quite animated again. So it goes to prove, you should always keep your eyes peeled while out and about as you never know what you might find. I just hope his owner is found or he is found somewhere warm to live lol Jane xxx

bearded dragon

Goodness Jane I wonder where he came from. Was he tame, looks like a reptile that size could give a nasty bite? Little bit of warmth was obviously what he needed to regain his strength, lucky Trevor  saw him in the undergrowth, it was very cold yesterday morning!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Did the dogs not bother it or did they not see it? I wondered how they would react to it! Im not so keen on reptiles.

enid said...

At least the RSPCA responded to your call.

J&T said...

Eventually Enid. It was very funny to see the inspectors face when he looked in the box, "Oh it is a bearded dragon!" I think he was expecting something somewhat smaller and far less excotic.
Yes Maya did see it but was not impressed maybe due to it,s rather taupid state.
Jane xxx