29 November 2011

Odie Update


Well Odie is nicely settled in the house now, that's him 5 months old.
It's getting very cold and windy here. The dogs are going to start wearing little coats soon! Lucy and Odie go for plenty of walks across the fields here and have plenty of opportunity to get thoroughly mucky........ thank goodness for vax machines. Looking forward to Odie's first Christmas with us. I wonder what he wants from Santa ? Debbie

Thank you Debbie, hasn’t Oddie grown up he looks a real teenager! I know what you mean about muddy paws, living in the country and 5 dogs in the house I seem to spend a good part of each day with a mop in hand.


Jayne f said...

He looks lovely. All grown up. He is so like Esther, looks the double of her! We are constantly cleaning as well as Eva takes Esther in all the mucky puddles and mud

patricia said...

Aww he looks lovely, larry and leo, go running over THE MARSH, in fields, they have to be carried up to the bath, and have their feet washed x