27 November 2011

Who Would Have Thought!!!!


Hi Everyone,
Well who would think that time would fly passed so quickly today (25 November). It,s three years since Tony Waller phoned us up about a little blue Bedlington girl!  We picked her up from just north of Newark from a rescue kennels where a nice lady called Val had saved her by an hour from death row. Little did we know she would blossom into a Princess and within 18 months fly through her good citizens bronze, Silver and Gold awards,  be 1/3 of the K9 Marshal Crew and marshal on motorsport events, be an active member of the Whitchurch Dog Display Team, go fishing and have a brother as good as Jazz Man. She has  a family who loves her so much and  takes her out for a nice walk every day come rain or shine! Three years on this little Bedie girl is loving life to the max, this little Bedie girl is our little Sapphire. To this day I'm greatfull to Val for saving little Sapphire and to Tony Waller for telling us about her, to me she is my very special super girl and we love her to pieces and so does our Jazz Man. Today the K9 Marshal Crew have had a special walk, tea, lots of cuddles and love for her 3rd anniversary of being with us bless her fury little socks!!



Thank Ian, the stars on the blog are all those special people who give a home to a rescue bedlington. What a success story, little Sapphire has achieved more than most dogs in the short time she has been with you, well done! It is wonderful to see Sapphire happy and enjoying life once again. its all down to you and the family!!


Agathasmum Louise said...

Have fun on your anniversary little Sapphire! Lots of love from Louise, John, Agatha and of course, your Jazz mn's son Chokko xx

karen said...

Happy 3rd Anniversay Sapphire xx

Julie said...

Hi, Just burst into tears. Happy Birthday Sapphire, you really are a very special girl.

enid said...

I can't believe she'd been with you for three years. What a lucky little dog.


Bet you had a great 3rd anniversary Saphire!!
Always love to read what you and Jazz have been up to.
Sending you lots of love,hugs and kisses.

k9 said...


In our area the in thing is K9 rallies, which is great fun, instruction signs are put on a course with actions you do both you and the dog. It may be that the K.C. may get involved and then the dogs will have to be registered so Sapphire will need a proper "name" being a rescue she will hopefully become a Brynsire girl, but if only we knew her background, then she could have a birthday of her own, and we would know how old she really is!