31 December 2011

A Busy Xmas For The K9 Marshal Crew


Hello All,
First of all we hope that all of you have had a very good Xmas, and that you all are going to have a good year ahead (2012). Well Jazz and Sapphire have being trying their hardest to be good so that doggie paws would come with presents for them and he did!  I was working Xmas eve, Xmas day, Boxing day and now right through till tomorrow (Friday) but I still found time to take my little Jazz and Sapphire pups out on their daily adventures. On Xmas day I worked from 7am till 12 noon,  I came straight home and picked Jazz and Sapphire pups up and went around Colemere.. It must of been the year of the Xmas jumpers again 99% of  people had new jumpers on! Jazz and Sapphire had their turbo's wound up to the max and their four paw drive going to get back home to see what Doggie Paws got for them,  also eagre for their Xmas dinner, once home they didn't stop for one minute they even helped the rest of us to open up our presents..


So when I have Friday off I hope to go somewhere nice with them for a special walk for being such good dogs over the xmas period, Jazz and Sapphire cannot wait for the dog displays to start in March at the Walford and North Shropshire Collage some 16 miles down the road. We will write again soon but Jazz and Sapphire are shouting at me for it is their tea time and they said that if I don't feed them now that they will jump all over me and use my large tummy as a trampoline!! So for now HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL ( including little Bedlingtons). Ian and the K9 Crew 


Thank you Ian at least with working all over Chrsitmas you were still able to find time to walk the dogs. It is not easy with very short day light hours, saying this we have now turned the corner with the shortest day on Dec21st!. Hope you had a special day with the dogs yesterday!  


bill said...

happy new year Ian

patricia said...

I love this picture, happy new year. x