28 December 2011

Good Morning From Wales


Good morning Bloggers. I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas as we did. Elwyn and my father came over so we had a nice quiet time. One set of grandchildren went skiing and the other lot are little and stayed home to play with their toys. The dogs enjoyed their turkey dinners. They really love roast potatoes. I'm pleased to say that Larry is almost back to normal and I think I'll be able to trim his head in a few days time.
We took Ecco and Solo to Aberavon Beach today. They had a great time running and playing with the other dogs. The dog coat manufacturers must have had a good sale this year as we spotted lots of dogs with new coats. They didn't really need to wear them as it was mild. We met a lovely 5 mth. old Bedlington called Larry. He lives in Aberavon but was bred in Aberkenfig so does anyone know who is the breeder? He's got papers and there are Crufts winners in the pedigree.
Sunday will see the annual get together of the local Bedlington gang at our house. It's nice to see everyone and have a chat although I'll be busy in the kitchen. With other friends , we are usually about thirty so I'll have to start cooking soon.
Ken is off to Egypt next week so I'll be writing the breed notes again for three weeks. I'll be grateful for any news of show results or anything you want to include in the column. Don't forget that it is coming up to the closing date for Crufts entries - I think it's the 8th. January but it may be a bit later on line.

Thank you Enid, what a perfect winter’s day to go for a walk by the sea, it’s really mild not the weather you expect at Christmas. Pleased to hear Larry is nearly back to normal it must have been  a hard blow  from that flying hoof.
Enjoy your News Year’s gathering it will be  great to catch up with everyone and, hear all the the bedlington news from the Welsh contingency, We certainly missed you this year at LKA. Please feel free to take any news from the blog for the breed notes, unfortunately not much going on in the world of show dogs during January.


Andrea from Neath said...

Wow Enid, Boy and I went down Aberavon today too, but not until quite late, 2pm, by which time an icy wind had picked up!

Sarah and Tony said...

Good to hear that Larry is feeling better. Our oldies have been wearing their coats, the wind is biting here. The gusts are so strong, we were struggling to walk yesterday.

k9 said...

Jazz And Sapphire said that they cannot wait to go to the seaside again soon lol Jazz and Sapphire pups