27 December 2011

Happy New Year Bloggers. A Christmas Tale

Here we have Charlie who came for his Christmas hair cut recently. Charlie is now about 8 months old and is one of Mary Goddens pups. He's a canny lad though does not like to be too fancy with his hair cut as he is not a poser and hates ear bobs. He lives at Cornforth Co. Durham which has the local name of "Doggy" how apt is that.


Now Charlie has had his hair cut it's time to meet up with the Makems girls, Ohhhh!!! what a noisy lot. And it's time for hair cut treats even if the girls have to share.



Eenie Meenie Miney Mo who dares to be the first to have a go. One move from Elba and they all run.


It's a left jab to the face then a smack across the nose with the right then perhaps a half nelson round the neck for a good nip.

So after the boxing match and as it was Boxing day we took a drive down to the beach. Actually dropped Julie our oldest daughter off half way for her to have a training run down to the beach. Sh'e doing the London marathon next year so needs to train when ever


It turned out to be a bright but very windy at the beach. We were expecting to go in for the Boxing day dip but arrived a bit too late, oh! dear!. This is Olley who we met at Whitburn beach, that's the bit at the far end of Roker & Seaburn for the unknowing. He's about 4 now and a nice friendly lad.


Even when he met the Makem girls with Opal having a snack on a piece of sea weed. Bedlingtons must know their breed as our lot can be very noisy when other dogs are around but always seem to be quite when it's a Bedlington.

Have fun next year bloggers with your dogs and remember Lesley wants your pictures and reports. Forget face book now and then and instead send your Bedlington news to the blog. Stop sitting on the fence and looking in, lets see you partake your Bedlington knowledge to those new to the breed. The Makems

Thank you Derek, poor Elba very out numbered but she looks like she can cetainly take care of herself. Nice to meet Charlie definitely a real man dog with out his tassels!  Fantastic to read about Julie how proud you must be to have a Makem  running in the London Marathon.
Thank you for all your lovely stories over the past year, I know just how much time it takes to publish photos and then write a report, also many tanks to all of you who support and keep the blog updated. It is certainly appreciated by me and many of our regulars who have got to know the Makems and  all our regular blog  bedlingtons  over the past years and months.
A very happy New year to you all


Andrea from Neath said...

Lovely pictures, Boy looks like a Yeti at the moment!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Nice to meet you Charlie!
Hope you enjoyed your birthday Derek.

Sarah and Tony said...

It looks very blowy at the beach, but you look as though you had a good time. welcome to the blog Charlie