30 December 2011

Whose Who?


Hello Bloggers

The hay day of North East Country shows. This is Sedgefield a few years back with 12 dogs entered and the eventual BIS a Bedlington. We even had one show when 16 dogs were entered.
For those of you sitting at your work desks twiddling your thumbs and surfing the net, lets face it this week at work is a waste of time, try and name as many who's who, people or dogs. I'm lost on two names 9th & 10th from the left. The Makem
Thank you Derek  i can see Eileen, not sure on any of the other folk. Do you know the year this was taken?


Lesley and John said...

It's a small world Derek, just met two of the people in the photo this afternoon, in the market square at Durham, Dawn & Partner!!

Happy New Year to all.


Oh what a pity you should have told us you were going and we would have had a meeting and a cuppa.

The picture we think was taken in 2006 and was the last Durham County show.

The Makems

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

9th Aileen Firth 10th Rosamund