31 January 2011

Cushings Syndrome


Cushings Report Click HERE

Cushing's syndrome is a chronic illness that can affect your dog.  Diseases in elderly animals are not uncommon but the older a dog gets the more  susceptible it is to disease. One of the most commonly diagnosed endocrine disorders in dogs is hyperadrenocorticism, also known as Cushing’s syndrome. Some of the signs seen in dogs with Cushing’s syndrome can be mistaken as just being due to old age, when they are in fact due to illness. Usually seen in middle aged to older dogs, and with smaller breeds more commonly affected. Cushings is a complex disease that is not easy to diagnose and that can readily be confused with other conditions presenting similar symptoms.

Many of us have veteran and re-homed bedlingtons and we all  need to recognise the symptoms for Cushings.  Also please visit the Bedlington Health Group Website ( Link in the index column) for a leaflet on Cushings Syndrome.

Bedlingtons On At Boston!!

Bedlingtons have a class on now at Boston & District Canine Society on Wednesday 1st June at Newark and Notts Showground. This is an evening show starting at 5pm.
The judge is Brian Reeves. I assume this means that our breed will now be on at their champ show in January? Helen Murby

Thank you Helen, let’s hope the June show has a good entry!  A good  June entry will encourage the committee to include bedlington classes at their champ show.,

Bedlington Sculpture


I saw this original bedlington sculpture and wanted to share it with you. Lisa

Thank you Lisa I love the way the sculptor has produced the woolly coat and tassels on the ears.

Click HERE  for details!

Birthday Kids In Norway!

The 29th of January our last litter turned 1 year old. Here is a photo of our boy "Nicky" who celebrated his first birthday with his foster parents!


Happy birthday to his brothers "Burre" and "Jonathan", and his sister "Millie" too!  Best wishes Benny


Thank you Benny, a very happy first birthday to the pups,  it only seems like yesterday when you first sent me photos of the babies!

How Clever Is That!!!!!

I can’t see a bedlington doing this, mine would stand by the edge and bark until I retrieved it for them! Thanks to Paula for sending me the link.  

30 January 2011

Today At Bury Sporting Terrier



OPEN (2)


MOLLORA HAZY DAYS AT BLUESMURF also got 2nd in English Native Breeds, Junior
DOEHEY HEARTSTRINGS also got 2nd in English Native Breeds, Puppy & 1st in A.V. Terrier Puppy
A good day was had by everyone!! Christine Worrall

Thank you Christine what a day for the Bedlington!!! Congratulations to everyone, a fantastic day for all the dogs. Lots of ribbons in the bedlington grooming area!  Get the bubbly out tonight!!

Sunday from warm sunny Ocracoke USA


What a difference a week makes!!  Last week we were buried in snow and this week we are warm, sunny and 56 degrees!!  The girls are thrilled that the snow is gone and the yard is drying up.  After the snow, we had about 2" of rain, so they yard was underwater for a couple of days.......they are not impressed by any kind of wet weather!

flight w dwight & sam 007

It has been a quiet week here, although I did get to go flying in a small prop plane over the island....it was amazing!!  A friend of Chris's took us up in his plane....It makes me realize what a beautiful, fragile, resilliant place I live in.
This afternoon to celebrate the gorgeous weather, we are all heading out to the beach for a walk....then the girls will get to help wash the truck....since it involves water, the probably won't be too enthusiastic about it.  This kind of weather makes me want to get busy in the garden, but I know it is too early & yet I am anxious to see things grow! I am off the get everyone ready for a beach walk.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

flight w dwight & sam 013

This photo is a picture of a small island in the inlet, that has been on the maps since the 1600's!  Amazing.  Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia, it is a bit early to be thinking of the spring weather. Dry and quite sunny for us today but very cold. I just hope the snow stays away! What amazing photos what is the building on the island. How wonderful to have that amazing beach and shore line to walk the dogs. It must be fantastic on a warm day out of season!

Today at Cardiff Canine Society


BOB Pengerrig Unique -Solo - who made the cut in the group.
BP Tobanie Earth Sound- Tammy - who enjoyed herself !
Tammy met up with her sister who now lives in Cowbridge in Wales. There were licks all over for Trudie.


Thank you Enid for the results very well done Tammie and Solo!

Julie Receives Her Prize From Billy


Julie won a  bedlington shopping bag for the nearest correct guess on the colour, sex and size of Miss Pie’s recent litter of pups. You will need that bag at Crufts Julie to take home all the shopping!

Seaside Visit For Hester and Ralphie


Ralphie and Hester have been "Down to Margate".They visited the lifeboat stationed on the beach and then spent quite a long time running up and down the massive artificial sand dunes that have been banked up for the winter. Hester actually flew at one point! It was blooming cold though, 2 degrees C with a really cold wind straight off the sea. Brrrrrrrrrr! Good job they did so much running! Love from Ed, Rebecca, Ralphie and Hester x.


Thank you Ed and Becs, it certainly looks cold but I bet the dogs in their winter coats felt lovely and warm! I love the photo of Nesta she certainly is flying!

29 January 2011

Today At Worksop & District Canine Society

AVNSC Terrier-
Open - entries 4
1st -Nevilles - Abben Blue Button At Chancette
Finlay went onto win Best AVNSC Terrier
AV Terrier-
Junior- entries 3
1st -Murby & Heraty's - Honeymist Ladybird With Tasseltabs
Senga went on to win Best AV Terrier
PG- entries 3
1st -Murby & Heraty's - Honeymist String Of Pearls With Tasseltabs
It was a good day for Bedlingtons!
Speak to you soon, Helen

Thank you Helen for the results, the bedlingtons wiped the board in the AV classes! Well done to you and John

Today At Northern Dog Open Show

1st: Severy Whisper at Jukenblu = BOB

2nd: Gnejnabay Solo starboy 

3rd:  Aireview Cristal Blue. = BP and Puppy Group 1

Whisper got nothing in the group when I left Lesley was waiting for best in show good luck, sorry no photos Billy is sacked!  Julie xxx

Thank you Julie for the results, well done to you and Lesley!

Margaret Completes 500 Mile Walk For Leukaemia


Hello all
Well what a week, we met up with Margret and her two dogs (they are called Menna who is the black and tan dog and Ziggy who is the white and black dog) on the last 3 days of her epic sponsored walk. We walked a fair distance with her and kept her company while the dogs played together. On her last day of the walk from Chirk to Llangollen we parked the car in Llangollen and walked back towards Trevor and Chirk to meet up with Margret. We then walked back to the car in Llangollen and the finishing line. About half way back there was some more people waiting to join Margret and walk to Llangollen. We all stopped at a pub to have lunch and a rest before the final 2 miles. The atmosphere was jolly and when we got to the finish line we all cheered and took some photos. On Sunday night I was checking Margaret's web site and the link to her Face Book page, I wanted to leave a little message of congratulations on finishing her long walk and she returned a  message  to say thank you for our support and taking time to for walk with her! she also said that her dogs enjoyed the company of Jazz and Sapphire too.

If you go to THE GREAT TOWPATH DOG WALK site and have a look at the Gallery page you will see the photos that she took on the walk. On the Llangollen page their is a picture of the K9 Marshal Crew on a very wet and cold towpath. Here are some pictures of Margret, Menna and Ziggy pups. Bye Bye for now Ian, Jazz and Sapphire


Congratulations to Margaret Ziggy and Menna, a very long way to walk in some of the coldest weather recorded! Margaret’s stammina and determination has helped to raise a lot of money that will go to help those suffering from Leukaemia.

26 January 2011

Note From Mark & Jan

Stuart has today been transferred back to Grimsby ICU, from the London specialist hospital. It is absolutely amazing the progress he has made in the last week & to be able to communicate with him yesterday was something we thought we would never be able to do & was very emotional! He has still got a long way to go, but now he can be seen to be on the right route forward :-)
Again, many thanks for everyone's good wishes, they are appreciated.
regards, Mark & Jan x

What a relief this Is brilliant news and fantastic to have Mark recuperate in a hospital nearer to your home!

News From Enid In The Welsh Valleys

Good morning Bloggers,
Very quite here at the moment. No lions , tigers or black panthers although there are wild boar in the Forest of Dean and ponies on the mountain outside our fence.

We're going to the Cardiff Show on Sunday and looking forward to meeting up with Trudie and Maria. Hopefully, Tim will be there as well. It will be our first show in 2011. Don't forget to enter the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show on 26th. Feb. It's a good run out for Crufts and there will be an AGM after judging.

We will be holding the Fun Day at Brailles Village hall and sports ground on Saturday 16th. of July. Once again camping will be available from the Friday until Monday morning so put that date into your diaries. Watch this space for further details . A big welcome is extended to all dog lovers. Enid

Thank you Enid, a lot of us will be looking forward to the fun day. Enjoy Cardiff show on Sunday and good luck to everyone entered.

Home Wanted For Pup & Molly News!

Hello Lesley
I was planning on contacting you next week as it is one year since we rescued Molly from Worthing however I came across this on the web and
wondered if the bloggers knew anything about it or could help. I am not a member so can't open it further. This was website:-
www.mobiya,co.uk ( posted 4 weeks ago.)
FOR SALE / ADOPTION: bedlington terrier dog
Category: Dogs
Ad Number: 7887
bedlington terrier dog 6 months old FREE to good home only very
friendly loves people and children, kc reg must be well looked after,
he is very quiet dog does not howl or bark,
Breed: bedlington
Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Primary Colour: Blue
Secondary Colour: Blue
Advertiser: Owner
Price £: Free
Posted By
Name: john higson
City: ormskirk
Region > County: England > Lancashire


Molly has been with us one year now and we are all besotted, her nickname is goldilocks as she likes to creep into my sons beds when she thinks we are not looking! Molly settled in so well with us and seems to thrive on Family life! We all had a lovely Christmas and Molly enjoyed opening her reindeer toy chosen by my 4 year old. It is literally every day that I ask why she would have been rehomed twice as she has never given us any trouble in any way.- In an odd way pleased because her shaky start  has meant Molly finding her way to us. Molly comes with us most places and can be frequently seen enjoying walks at the south coast (terrorising the odd gull) and is quite distinct in her pink coat and  matching collar. I had previously had a bedlington whippet- one of Frances fuller’s original litter, Jake lived to be 14 and having had him since my 14th birthday was a very hard act to follow but Molly has made her own unique way into our hearts and is currently cradled like a baby on my husbands lap! We thank all the bloggers especially dinky the dog who highlighted Molly to us and I just hope that the little boy detailed above also finds a forever home! (Just trying to work out if I could sneak him in.......  Much Love Marie, Crawley

Thank you so much  Marie for giving us an update of Molly. It is so heart warming to read just how special she is to you and the family. I can’t find the advert for the pup that needs re-homing! If anyone can find a link I will publish to the blog and will contact Frances. As the advert is 4 weeks old maybe the pup has been re-homed.  

25 January 2011

Found In Adds 24th January

img_44b3039c70fc9a8fa7b19d4026b1f34aFemale dog free to good home. Roxie is a 9 month old Bedlington Terrier x Labrador
Click HERE for details

And Oscar


Oscar is 5 years old, he is a bedlington terrier cross..
Click HERE for details

Entries closing……….

For: Maidenhead
       Midland Bedlington Terrier Club

Details of schedules in the index column under “Open Show Dates”

Marikov Bubba Bob O'Gipcyan

Hi Everyone,


Bubba, Billy & Molly's lone puppy from their first litter came for a visit with granny and the family for a couple of days and for a haircut.  Thought I would send you these pics and see what you thought.


His owner would like to have me show him.  I would like some feedback from my friends from across the pond, as to what they think of him at this time.  He will be 2 years in March.   I don't want to hear, "AWWW, he is a cute boy."   I would like for some of you English breeders to give me some honest opinions of what you can see.


(Grooming don't count!!!)  I can tell you that he does have a great mouthful of huge teeth, properly aligned and he has a nice springy gate at a gentle trot.  He does have a bit more cheek than I would prefer, but not so bad that I cannot cover it with grooming.  That is about what I can tell you.  Now, lets hear what you might have to tell me.  Thank you for your input. Hugs, Mary Lou


Thank you Mary Lou, he certainly looks a lovely dog in the photos, but a judge would have to go over him and see him move before coming to a proper decision. It is lovely to see a prospective show dog in a shorter British show trim!  We will be keeping everything crossed for his success if you decide to show him.

Midland Musings From Our Jane

Hi Folks
It has been a rather bizarre few days here in the wilds of Worcestershire! I arrived at work in the small hours of Sunday to be asked by Stacey, our cleaner , recently renamed as Skylhar, born of her belief in witchcraft, if I had seen the lion. Thinking this was something to do with her supernatural tendencies, (or even an over-indulgence in " The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"), I laughed and said "no I hadn't been so lucky!" "Oh no" she replied, a lion was on the loose in the village , indeed it had been sighted on various occasions! Naturally I presumed it had escaped from the Safari Park, "No" I was told they had no lions missing, I imagine they had taken the register to be sure. Leo, "here Sir", all present and correct. Then she asked had I not heard all the police helicopters overhead for the past couple of days, come to think of it I had!!!! Suddenly I started to think about my walks in the woods with girls, how safe were we, were we being watched? When I arrived home I told Trevor the news and he told me he had seen some mighty big paw prints on the towpath that morning. Being the old cynic I undoubtedly am, I feel sure it’s no more than an urban myth, given legs,   but it has caused us quite some amusement none the less!

I still have no answer as to whether dogs will be allowed in our new village hall. I have been assured it will be brought up at the next committee meeting, so will let you know when the decision is taken. Maya and Stella seem to be quite content belonging to a far smaller pack and I have to confess they are much more spoilt being just two. It has allowed me to remove the crates in the kitchen and regain some of our living space. We were so sorry to hear about Marks son,Stuart and hope he makes a full recovery very soon.  Till the next time, keep your bedlingtons safe and don,t let the lions bite!!!!!!!!!!!  Jane


Thank you Jane the story of the lion must have put some excitement into an early Sunday morning work shift! Stacey must be a very interesting lady to talk to. I have to laugh at Trevor’s comments he wasn’t going to let the rumour die!
One a very positive note Mark is travelling down to London today to visit Stuart who is now much better and on the road to recovery. Stuart has been desperately ill and I expect there will lots of celebrating when he finally comes home. Everyone in bedlington land will relieved to hear the good news!

24 January 2011

We Catch Up With Mouse And The Pups


The pups are growing fast and although there eyes are not open yet they are getting more active, we lost one of the girls in the first week but the other 3 boys and 2 girls are doing fine,  I will send some more pictures soon  rgds  Karen


Thank you Karen, sorry to hear you lost one of the girls, it is not unusual to lose a pup in the first few days but is very distressing when it happens! Not long now before their eyes open the fun begins.

Diary Date

Newton Ayclffe & District C / S, Eston Sports Academy, Middlesbrough.
Sunday 20th March 2011.
Bedlington Terrier Junior, P Grad & Open.
Judge Roy North (Niddvale)
Schedules Freda Marshall 01325 312484 or Mark Walshaw 01287 652860
Closes 21st Feb.

23 January 2011

Hello From Tricia On a COLD Oracoke Island USA

Snow 2

Hello everyone,
We had quite an exciting weather event here yesterday......we had snow.....12" of it!!!!  The sun is out today and melting it, but OH what an adventure it has been with the dogs!  First none of them wanted to walk out of the door.....remember we don't have snow removal things here, snow shovels, brushes to clean off the cars, thank heavens we have Wellies!  So we resorted to brooms to clear the snow off the porch about every hour all day yesterday.   The girls were having no part of it, and when I did get them out and down the steps, and they stepped off the last step and went into snow up to their little neck, they just looked as me as if to say "How could you"??!!  Snow1

So I ended up getting the garden shovel and shovelling my yard, so they could walk and find a potty spot.  Willo, however, refused to move, she just stood there with her tail between her legs and shivered and looked pitifully at me.  I felt she thought I had betrayed her in the worst way!!  So of course each time it was time to go out, they all went and got in the crate, as if to beg, "PLEASE, don't make us"!!!  It was like pulling teeth! 


Hopefully it will all be gone by tomorrow, it is supposed to rain then and maybe they will be happier with rain.....except Willo, she doesn't like anything that gets her feet wet.   Having snow here is highly unusual, but to get close to a foot is unheard of!!!  I felt like I was back in Ohio on the Great Lakes with all the snow we got there!!!  Thank goodness we have sun today, it doesn't make the snow seem quite as bad.  I will enclose some photos we took.  Until next week, when I am hoping spring will be here....

Goodness Tricia what a surprise!!! But on a positive note hopefully  it is melting as quickly as it arrived not like us last month stuck in freezing conditions for about three weeks! I don’t suppose your woofs have experienced snow let alone a foot of the white stuff! Poor Wilo she is certainly not a snow maiden! Hopefully it will all be gone by tomorrow and the girls can get back to enjoying their yard once again!

Video Clip Terrier Group Manchester Champ Show

Watch Genie and Stuart in the final cut and placing at Manchester Show last Thursday.

Breed Notes


BY Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

22 January 2011

Maurice Is 10 Today!




Apparently no pork pie for Maurice as he is Jewish, Just chicken from the cheap counter at Tesco! A very happy birthday to Maurice especially from Our Diesel and everyone on the blog.

Ian Catches Up With Margaret

Hi all,
We have met up with Margaret on the last but two days of her sponsored walk with her two dogs down the towpaths of the canals into Ellesmere. We walked 8.5 miles with her to give her a bit of company. While walking along little Jazz and Sapphire played with Margaret's dogs.,She is feeling ok and is doing well as like are her dogs. Today Saturday she goes from Ellesmere to Chirk. Then on Sunday the final leg from Chirk to Llangollen stopping off at a pub for dinner and hopefully meeting up with some supporters and finishing off at the Llangollen Wharf for 3pm. If you go to The Great Towpath Dog Walk web site. have a look at the gallery of the Llangollen pictures you will see Jazz and Sapphires picture on there.

Margaret did say starting the walk back in early November she (and dogs) have so far collected £9,000 for leukaemia with a lot more to collect and receive. For our friends on the blog who may have donated some money to her she has said a BIG THANK YOU to you all.  Tomorrow and Sunday we will be getting some photo's to share of her success in completing the epic 500 mile walk. Thank you from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire


The sunniest spot in the house!

Thank you Ian what a fantastic lady Margaret is, she will have completed the 500 miles in some of the worst weather ever recorded in the UK. Through you we have been able to  following her route on the blog and we will look forward to seeing her and the dogs celebrating their success. 

21 January 2011

Dog News: Varied reaction to KC's plan to vet check high-profile breeds.
Click HERE

A very Happy Birthday To Our Friend In The USA

A little bird flew across the pond to tell me it is Mary Lou’s birthday!!!. Lots of love to you from your friends at bedlingtonpictures. Give Billybob and team a big hug from us!

A Very Happy Birthday To…..

Melisa Lacey today, enjoy your day from all your friends at bedlingtonpictures!

20 January 2011

Summary Of Results

A good turnout of Bedlingtons today with just myself and Dorothy entered but not showing DSC_3970

Genie Best AVNSC and Terrier Group 3

The Best dog went to the Skye with reserve dog going to Sharon with Falcon the puppy


Trudie with young Tammie was second in the minor puppy bitch class


Unfortunately Falcon was beaten for best AVNSC puppy by the Norfolk Terrier minor bitch pup.


“Ice” beats litter sister “Muffin” for first place in Junior Bitch


Mark wins puppy bitch but is eventually beaten by the Norfolk who won the Minor class.


Miteymidgets Matilda wins the Limit Class


Open Dog Class


The Open Bitch class

Finally Miyeymidgets and Sharnor compete in the Breeders Class with the Sharnor team winning. The Sharnor team did not compete in the Terrier Breeders Final

Congratulations to all the winners, do hope you all arrived home safely as the fog returned very early this evening to the show ground

Stuart and Genie

Group 3

Genie In The Group

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Goes to Stuart and Genie.

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Mark Makes Final Cut

Mark in Champion Stakes

Final Groom