28 February 2011

Do You Have A Mincingate?

Bedlington Scan 01

Thank you to Louise for the article from the 1936 “Dog World” Annual

News: The Kennel Club hosted a major meeting last Thursday With A turnout Of over 70 Judges


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Have You Had A Pint Of Bedlington Ale?


I've been following the blog for some time and really enjoy it. I thought everyone might like to see the attached picture, although you all might know about the beer anyway. My boyfriend's Dad is a big real ale fan and got us this pump clip, I thought it was brilliant! It's described as 'A light coloured ale with a distinctive bite.' Have yet to try some! We are hoping to purchase a Bedlington puppy later this year. Emma x

Thank you Emma and welcome to Bedlingtonpictures. I have never seen this beer on sale but I expect some of the bloggers from Northumberland are familiar with this brew.  I like the “distinctive bite” term to describe the ale!

Crufts Tickets
I have 2 tickets for any day at Crufts 2011, I cannot go this year so wondered if anyone would like these tickets? I think the fairest way to deal with this is to give them to the highest donation to Bedlington Rescue and Rehoming and the cut off date is February 24th. 2011.
Frances Fuller head co-ordinator
Thank you Frances, to make a donation for the tickets please leave your offer in the comments!

I will contact Frances today about the tickets for Auntie Natalie! 

27 February 2011

Another Great Result Today!!!

Liverpool Terrier Club held its show today

Kath Hall and I attended, Kath took 1st in the class and Best of Breed with “Palm of the Desert”. I took 2nd in the class, Res Best of Breed and Best Puppy with my little bitch “Doehey Heart of Darkness”  (Delyth)

Imagine my surprise when she also got Res Best Puppy in Show. All were awarded under Ron Punter. Regards Julie

Fantastic News Julie, congratulations! We certainly have some outstanding young bedlingtons in the show ring. It is going to be great seeing all these young dogs competing at the Champ shows this summer. 

Today At Cheltenham

BOB Christine Worrall with BIsbee “Everlasting Life with Bluesmurf” (Group 4)
Reserve Christine Worrall with “Mollora Hazy Days At Bluesmurf”
BP Trudy Hewitt- Taylor with “Tobanie Earth Song” ( Puppy Group 3)
Congratulations to Chrisitne Shelley and Trudie

Today At Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show

1. Janmark Justintime
2. Aireview Cristal Blue
1. Rubsters piper at Jukenblu
1. Janmark Misty Horizons JW BOB Terrier Goup1(10breeds)
2, Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu

Janmark Justintime. Best Pup & Puppy Group 3.

Lesley and Summer won av puppy (2 in the class)
Julie with Piper won av post grad (4 in class)
Julie with Whisper won av open (2 in the class)
Mark with (Justintime)  won the av puppy stakes
Janmark Misty Horizons JW. BEST IN SHOW !!
460 dog show. Judge Kay Aspin.
What a day for the bedlingtons congratulations to everyone especially Mark and “J”

Photos From Yesterday At The MBTC

Judged by Mrs Susan Holroyd (Ballroyd)


Best In Show


Reserve Best In Show & BOS


Best Puppy

Click HERE for photos of the class winners and exhibitors

Great Day Yesterday At Easington & Peterlee!

Apologies for not being at MBTC show today, hope everyone had a good time!
Just to let you know we had a great day at Easington & Peterlee show today held at Scorton, North Yorkshire, only 2 bedlingtons present.
1st Janmark Justintime.
1st Gnejnabay Solo Star Boy

'VY' Janmark Justintime at 10 months young went BOB & BPIB.
'VY' went Terrier Group 2 (10 breeds) & Terrier Puppy Group 1.
'VY' then went on to go Reserve Best Pup in Show
Showing local again tomorrow, at South Shields.
Regards, Mark

Well done to Mark and “VY” what a great day for your puppy and the breed!!! We will keep everything crossed for you today at South Shields.

Yesterday At The KC Show Workshop

The workshop at Stoneleigh was interesting. Ian Horsewood was there with his family and Belle (Aireview Special Print). Nigel King was also there, but didn't bring Amber. Unfortunately the grooming lecture was based on grooming a Westie, which are hand stripped, so wan't a lot of good to us. However, the handling lecture with Michael Gadsby was very interesting and informative, particularly for a novice like myself. He looked at the whole approach to handling, from the way you treated your puppy at home, right through to handling in the ring.


I have attached a few photos. One is of Ian Horsewood's Belle, also a photo of his grandaughter Chelsea Page, who is an up and coming junior handler. She attended the junior handling clinic at the workshop today. The final photo is of the 'boys', Chokko, John and Nigel enjoying a cup of tea!



Thank you to Louise for the photo and report. It was a shame that the workshop was on the same day as the MBTC show. I would certainly have joined you,  I would love to have attended the handling lecture.

Cheltenham & District

Today 8 Bedlingtons are entered at this show, good luck to everyone entered, check the blog tonight for the results.

26 February 2011

Today At The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show


Donna Wins BIS

Minor Puppy Dog:    1st   Prince Resplendant
Puppy Dog:               1st    Prince Resplendant
Junior Dog:               1st   Isotops Bumblebee From Rivendown (TAF)
                                    2nd  Sharnor Faithful Falcon
                                    3rd   Pengerrig Unique
                                    Reserve   Prince Resplendant
Post Graduate Dog:  1st  Palm Of The Desert RES DOG
                                     2nd Tredomen Dixie
                                    3rd  Pengerigg Renoun
Limit Dog:                   1st  Rathsrigg Millrace BEST DOG & BIS 
                                    2nd Tredomen Dixie
                                     3rd  Abben Blue Buttons At Chancete
                                     4th  Elizdrew Lucky Jim
Open Dog   No Entries
Veteran Dog:               1st CH Moltyke Taggles With Miteytmidgets B vet
                                      2nd Bakakbaks Borb To Be Wild
Breeders Dog:            1st Tredomen Dixie
Non Breeders             1st  Rathsrigg Millrace                               
                                      2nd Abben Blue Buttons At Chancete
                                       3rd Isotops Bumblebee From Rivendown (TAF)
Minor Puppy Bitch:     1st Bowlingbrook Trick O|r Treat
Puppy Bitch:                1st Bowlingbrook Trick Or Treat BP IN SHOW 
                                      2nd Aireview Cristal Blue
Junior Bitch:                1st Sharnor Emerald Electra
                                       2nd Gnejnabay Just Asha At Burmington
                                       3rd Michelealea’s Echo
                                       Reserve Sharnor Emerald Grigeron At Ystwythbay
Post Graduate Bitch   1st Burmington Truly Blue
                                       2nd Honeymist Ladybird with Tasseltabs
Limit Bitch:                   1st Honeymist String Of Pearls With Tassletabs
                                       2nd Bowlingbrook My Blue Heaven
                                       3rd Miteymidgets Matilda
Open Bitch:                  1st Wudrusjuk Work Of Art BEST BICTH & RES BIS
2nd  Sharnor Crystal Clear RES BEST BITCH
                                       3rd Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf
                                       4th  CH Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove
Veteran Bitch               1st Miteymidgets Myaquila
Breeders Bitch:           1st Ruffsfurze Mavrodaphne
Non Breeders:             1st Burmington Truly Blue

 DSC_4161Judge Mrs Susan Holroyd

Congratulations to all the winners especially Donna, Tina and Jen with her gorgeous puppy. Hopefully tomorrow  evening I will have  photos of all the exhibitors and winners on the blog. It was a bitter sweet day with sad news about Big Mo and for Yvonne who recently lost her mother. Our thoughts are with the families at this sad time

A very happy birthday today to the MBTC secretary Dorothy Owen!

25 February 2011

Sad News

With great sadness we have to report that Maureen Wright passed away late this afternoon.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Elwyn and the family.

Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show

Tomorrow is the MBTC Open Show where 50 bedlingtons are entered under Mrs Susan Holroyd. Jon will be at the show taking photos, blog in tomorrow afternoon for the main results and photos of the winning dogs!

New To Showing Don’t Miss This Workshop

On Saturday 26th February Eukanuba and Dog World will be holding a Dog Show Learning Experience Workshop including Grooming and Handling Demos. To Take place at the Kennel Club Buildings Stoneleigh

Click HERE

Do go along and meet up with Louise and Chokko who will be attending the workshop.

The First Working Show


This is the first working show of the year up here in the North East, usually held in snow showers with cold beer. LOL Derek

We Catch Up With Ian The Bedlington Marshall Crew!

P310111_15.23Hello All
Well between long days looking after senior people and walking little Jazz and Sapphire I have just enough time to take 5 minutes out to catch my breath. This weekend is my weekend to work and I'll just have time to walk Jazz and Sapphire.  in between shifts. They can  help me to check on our friend’s birds as he is away working down south.

My job up to now has been an eye opener and yet I'm enjoying it. When I finish and walk through the door at home I get attacked by Jazz and Sapphire. They are so pleased to see me that they wag their tails so much I have to watch that their tails don't drop of., The other day when I went to the office I looked into a shop window and started laughing to myself for I'm a fan of Alexandra the meerkat from the compare the meerkat.com adverts. In the shop window they had 4 meerkat statues of him in different costumes ( I know simples).  I didn't tell Jazz and Sapphire just in case they wanted them!!!, When I get another quiet moment I shall do another report and hopefully see you all at Crufts with Jazz and Sapphire.


Thank you Ian lovely to catch up with you and the dogs, I am so pleased your job is going well and we will look forward to seeing you at Crufts.

24 February 2011

News: Dangerous Dogs Act Has Failed Britain’s Dogs’ Says Kennel Club

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Breed Notes


By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

This Weekend’s Open Shows

Saturday 26th  Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show at Tollerton
Sunday   27th  Cheltenham and District Canine Association  at Three Counties Showground.

If you are new to bedlingtons or are thinking about having a puppy do go along to one of the shows and meet us. We welcome new people to the breed and are very happy to show you our dogs and answer any questions.  Bedlington day at Crufts is on Saturday 12th March. with 100 bedlingtons entered  Crufts would give prospective owners a chance to see the top show dogs in action and meet the breeders.


Click Here for Details

OOPS Forgot to say do visit “Discover Dogs” where every day you can  meet the bedlingtons and talk to experienced owners and breeders of show dogs. Also on the stand meet the rescue dogs and special people who have given a forever home to an unwanted bedlington.

Tony Has A New Friend

Sorry things have been busy and we haven't been in touch for a while: Last week we came back refreshed and relaxed from our ski holiday in St Anton. Beautiful sun every day, it was more like March than early February. There was an installation from Anthony Gormley: 100 life-size men spread around the whole area. We only spotted about 20 'Gormleys', but some might have been buried in the snow.

Copy (1) of IMG_1517

Here's the site with more details:

While we were away Ed and Ossie had a lovely time at a local farm that has an excellent kennel, they always come home tired from their long walks. We didn't think Rosie and Jasper would be too happy in a kennels, so they had a lovely time with our friends. We understand that they were spotted out and about in Consett. We were also happy with them there, since Jasper wasn't very well the week before. We came home one evening, and he was coughing and struggling to breath. The vet found that he had laryngitis and tonsillitis which improved with some antibiotics, but he also has a leaky heart valve. Fortunately this is mild and his heart tablet which helps the heart muscle to pump better and also reduces the strain on the heart, seem to be working well. He is back to his energetic self, playing and chasing his ball round the field. The tablets are also meat flavour, so he thinks he's having a treat. Looking forward to meeting every one at Crufts  Best wishes Sarah

Thank you Sarah sounds like you really enjoyed your holiday but I bet you still missed those doggie cuddles!! It sounds like the dogs had a lovely time and probably hoping it won’t be to long before you go away again! Great news that Jasper has recovered and feeling well, you must have been a relieved  seeing him playing and chasing a ball.  We will look forward to seeing you at Cruts in a couple of weeks time.   

23 February 2011

More Exquisite Carvings!



Another beautifully carved walking stick carved  very differently to Derek’s stick but just as intricate, another real labour of love. Many thanks to Stuart for the photo.



Tina’s husband Tony carved these fantastic walking sticks, It takes a very special person with immense skill and patience to carve small animal and bird heads in such fine detail.

Entries Closing For National Bedlington Terrier Club

Entries close on March 2nd, schedule details in “Open Show Dates” in the index column

Buffy Or Ceda?

photo 3


photo 4

Many thanks to David Slack for the photos, no information came through with the attachment but I do know David has two bedlingtons.

Birmingham Gun Dog & Terrier April 10th

Does anyone Know if there is a website where we can download a schedule? This show has bedlington classes.

FCI Newsletter February 2011


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Who Can Resist One Of These!!


Miss Pie’s Pups Now Six Weeks Old!

22 February 2011

Bedliedoodles (Poodlingtons)Whatever Next!!!

Fancy a designer dog?

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Thank you to Louise for the link.

Planning For The Future

Hello Bloggers
Iv'e been getting something for my old age when it crops up, now, now we'll have no comments on that, it will do fine for when I take the old girls out for their walks. I do know one blogger will be very interested in the stick. Hope to see some of you down at Discover Dogs at Crufts. The Makem


Thank you Derek what a wonderful carving a real labour of love! I can just imaging the girls, and you walking up hill and down dale with your cane for support! Changing the subject do hope Eileen is safe and not caught up in the terrible earthquake that shook Christchurch last night!

21 February 2011

Bedlington Terriers forging world-wide reputation

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Buffalo Billionaire Lifts Soccer in English Town

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Mr. Rich plans to sell Bedlington jerseys at his minor league ballparks in the United States. He also hopes to persuade members of Bedlington terrier dog clubs in the United States to buy jerseys, shirts, jackets, scarves and hats featuring the woolly pooch on the official team crest. Proceeds from merchandise sales will go to the soccer team.

Click HERE to view the web shop.
Clip HERE  to view the Bedlington Terriers FC website

Apparently Bedlington Terrier FC Merchandise has been flying off the shelves. A lot of merchandise has gone to America with orders also from Scandinavia and Australia.  

8 Month Old Pearl Is Looking For A Forever Home

Just discovered a beautiful little bedlington bitch called Pearl, approx 8 months old, on The Little Dog Rescue, awaiting a home, she looks lovely and is in the Mansfield area, and is being fostered at the moment. Carol


Thank you Carol, if only I had room for just one more!!! What a wonderful opportunity to adopt a bedlington puppy, how could anyone resist this cute face!
I think this little girl is about to be adopted. click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click HERE for further details from “Little Dog Rescue” 

Who Can We Attack Next!!!!


They are getting a hand full now, they all sitting there ready for the off  Billy

They certainly look little mischief makers Billy!!!

Look What We Missed On Ebay

ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 21 08.04

I bought this spoon on Ebay yesterday. With apologies to any other bloggers who might have been bidding, I couldn't resist it! Louise

How unusual Louise I have not see another spoon like this before, has it been specially made or is it very old?

20 February 2011

Lost Bedlington, Looking For Cindy

Wondered if you could put on the blog about a missing Bedlington please? Her name is Cindy, she is 5years old and has gone missing from Swaffham, Priory Fen in Cambridgeshire, She has only been gone since the 18th, and hopefully will be found quickly, the details are on the dog lost site, but there is no picture as yet,  Carol

Thank you Carol.  Click here for more details on the “dogs lost” website. Hope Cindy is found very soon!

Entries For MBTC

There are 53 dogs entered (9 dogs are nfc).
Thanks to Dorothy for the info.

Yellow Gloss Paint For Tea!

Hello everyone!

deck dogs 2

FINALLY the wallpaper is off of the wall in the bedroom. I had it on so good, that I had to fix damage to the wall that it caused pulling it off. Had a chance to start to paint a bit & then Friday evening Storey vomited......yellow, semi-gloss acrylic paint!! Right on my carpet!! In a fit of cleaning up paint on the carpet, paint on her muzzle (apparently she had he muzzle in the paint bucket) & calling the vet, it was a bit hectic!! Thank goodness my vet specializes in toxicology.....he told me to give her milk to dilute the paint & if she kept the milk down I could feed her supper. He said the paint ingestion would cause gastric upset, so I kept her in the crate. The milk stayed down, so a couple hours later I fed her supper.....stayed down. She acted fine, no distress what so ever. She never did vomit again, never had any loose poohs and carried on as if nothing had happened. How she got to the paint I have no idea, because the door was closed to keep the cat out....I guess maybe one time I didn't pull it shut tight and "someone" pushed it open and gained access. I swear this dog has a cast iron stomach!! Chris said, when he saw it was Storey, he knew she would be fine.....she scared the dickens out of me though! So..when I start to paint today, the paint can WILL NOT BE on the floor.....A side from that, we have had a quiet week...the weather warmed enough to move plants back outdoor and the girls helped dig a huge dead rosemary bush out of the garden...the yard is drying up and the grass is starting to grow....we are SO ready for this!! I will be going off island, for a work related event with Chris (his work) and Rebecca will be tending the girls....I am not near a anxious about leaving them as I was the last time....it is only for 1 night, so I think I will be fine. The girls will have a blast because the get to get TONS of pets AND they get on the sofa! That is a special treat for them since I got the new sofa & there is room for all 5 of them plus 2 people & still tons of room for the cat! That is it from my side of the pond. Think spring!

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Goodness Tricia I can’t imagine any dog liking the taste of acrylic paint. You would think the strong smell would put them off. Luckily no damage, but you must have been so worried with the thought of paint sticking to the stomach walls!!  Enjoy your night away as the girls will be fine and  enjoy the freedom of rolling around on the new sofa and doing things that are not allowed when mum is home! Not very spring like for us but at least dry for our agility class today. 

Dog News: Seven Dogs Die from Parvovirus Outbreak In Lancashire

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19 February 2011

Maidenhead Results

Here are results:

Junior - 2 entries - no absentees

1st - Sharnor Faithful Falcon Reserve BOB
2nd - Mandenssa Little Nelly - BP

Post Graduate - 4 entries - no absentees

1st -  Kenocto Blue Moon of Mandenssa
2nd - Sharnor Emerald Electra
3rd - Gnejnabay Chokko Pops
4th -  Ratzwell Dolly Mixture

Open - 3 entries - no absentees

1st - Gnejnabay Zena of Bugibba BOB & Group 2
2nd- Ratzwell Independance
2rd- Jetsway Absolute Bling.


It was a big group, 11 or 12 in the ring, so Poppy did really well. Louise

Thank you Louise and very well done to all the winners!

Bedlington Entries Needed For Roy’s Assessment!!

There is an Open Show on 20th March at Eston Sports Academy, Normanby Road, South Banbk, Middlesborough TS6 9AE and the Judge is Roy North. Secretary is Mrs Freda Marshall - tele no. 01325 312484. Unfortunately entries offically close postmarked Monday 21st February. Roy North is hoping to be KC Assessed at this show and obviously needs a decent entry. Is there anybody out there, who lives in that area, that could enter under him? I think if exhibitors phone Mrs Marshall and say they are putting in an entry she will be only to happy to accept it. (He is actually being assessed via the NBTC and it is really nothing to do with me but I can't help interferring!) Dorothy Owen

Thank you Dorothy, come on folks if you are in striking distance of Middlesborough ring Mrs Marshall and enter. I know there is a minimum requirement needed for an assessment.



Post Graduate Class

BOB: Gnejnabay Zena Of Biggiba (Poppy) and Terrier Group 2
Full results shortly

Congratulations to Sandra and Norman


The final trim.

Breed Notes


By Viv Rainsbury Click HERE

FDA is Warning Pet Owners on the Dangers of Xylitol Ingestion

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18 February 2011

Go Behind The Scenes At Clarges Street

The Kennel Club has announced a selection of dates in 2011 when visitors will have the opportunity to take a tour of the Kennel Club’s head office in London’s Piccadilly and its wonderful art collection.

Further Details Click HERE



Click HERE

International Northeast News


Hello Bloggers,
Some of you will know Eileen is out in New Zealand at the present time and by the looks of it is enjoying every moment. The bakers certainly looks nice, bit different from the Tesco bakery counter.


Eileen has managed to go to a dog show while out there. No Bedlingtons at the show but she did had a chat with the owner of a Fox Terrier. He said he had not seen a Bedlington for years. However we do know of Bedlingtons in NZ and Eileen is hoping to see them before she comes home. One breeder out there has a bitch from Kevin Mumford which has had 4 pups from an Ausbed dog which I met in the South Island when I was there in 2007. The same bitch has had another two litters of 7 pups each from another Australian dog from the Caeruleus kennel. Again I met up with all the Australian dogs and breeders who both prefer and have British bred dogs so the outcome of the breeding should be good. One of the pups from these litters has gone to a show person who has also imported another Australian dog from the Piperdene kennel. The breeder did comment that most interest in the Bedlington was from expats now in NZ and Australians, she reckons the Kiwis prefer larger dogs. There loss. So hopefully the Bedlington Breed may now prosper in NZ and there will certainly be more to see when anyone from over here pays a visit.

As for North East gossip. Some worrying news as regards dog walking here in the North East. One of the country parks up here, Hardwck Country Park at Sedgefield is to ban dogs on the loose after April 1st. I hope this will not be the start of others doing the same. One reason they say is to prevent fouling. I would say that if an owner does not pick up the fouling when the dog is loose they certainly wont pick it up if the dog is on a lead.

Another snippet, Eileen has her 1st appointment at judging thanks to the encouragement of a couple of North East Bedlington judges. It's the Durham County Canine Associations first show and will be held on the 17th July. Schedules from Mrs C Reid tel:- 07979893827, email:- dogsatdcca@hotmail.com or download at www.durham-k9.co.uk Only snag about this date we wont be able to attend the fun day this year, Ahhhhhhh!!!!!. So as Eileen's away it's back to the tin opener or the carry out. The Makem

Thank you Derek, I bet Eileen is having loads of fun in the sun  while you are stuck in the cold opening up yet another can of baked beans! It is interesting to read of the breeding using British bloodlines  in NZ, just a shame the breed is not more popular. Great to hear Eileen is taking up judging but you will certainly  be missed at the fun day unfortunately you can’t be in two places at once! I will add the Durham show to the Open Show Dates in the index column.

17 February 2011

Polly & Dora Train For The K.C. Pre Beginners Obedience



I have enclosed a picture of Dora as we prepare for a down stay. I had another lesson from Audrey Wilkingson on Saturday and Dora worked really well. I am looking forward to the summer with Dora as we both improve. I am also looking forward to taking Polly as well as Dora to the Kennel Club Special pre-beginners class in May. Hope you are all well and looking forward to Crufts. Regards Dot xx

Thank you Dot we all wish you the very best of luck this summer at the obedience shows. It is fantastic having bedlingtons competing in these events, well done!

Dog News:New illustrated breed Standards book

A NEW EDITION of the Kennel Club’s illustrated book of breed Standards is to be launched at Crufts, the first since 2003.
A total of 205 breeds are featured, an increase of 13 since the last edition.

Click HERE

This Weekend’s Open Shows

Maidenhead Open Show - Saturday 19th February

9 Bedlingtons entered,  6th breed in the ring. Judging commences at 9:30am

Five Weeks Old!


Miss Pies’s 5 week mischief makers! Billy is going to need eyes in the back of his head to keep these guys under control. 

Northeast Seminars

Newton Aycliffe C/S are organising the following training events:
31st March. Confirmation & Movement Seminar.
27th April. Hands On Session.
Trainer for both Mr Frank Kane.
Both to be held at N Aycliife. Send me a e-mail if you want further details / booking form(s).
Mark        treble99@mwalshaw.fsnet.co.uk

15 February 2011

Extraordinary Dogs


Chanel 5 (7: 30pm tonight)

Westminster Results

Westminster Kennel Club (New York) Results for Bedlington Terriers.

Click HERE

BOB Westminster


GCH Kaylynn's Party Crasher
Sex: Dog
AKC: RN 17173901
Date of Birth: July 06, 2008
Breeder: Sheila Beutler & Renee Beutler & Elyse Beutler
Sire: Ch Kaylynn's Made In The Shade
Dam: Ch Kaylynn's Ringside Chatter
Owner: Renee Beutler & Megan Strickland & Sheila Beutler

We wish GCH Kaylynn’s Party Crasher all the best in the group!

I challenge you not to shed a tear after watching this!



Best of Show Tonight at Westminister Dog Show


Click HERE

Today’s Bedlington Entries For Westminster


Click HERE

5 Bundles of Fun!

The puppies are now just over five weeks old, these are making up for only having the two last time, they are all little live wires and are into everything  rgds  Karen

pups 5wks 005

Goodness how they have grown, they are adorable, I expect “Mouse” is kept busy trying to keep them all in line.

14 February 2011

A Very Happy Birthday To Agatha

It's Agatha's 5th birthday today, she's our little Valentine. I had hoped to send you a photo of her with her blog birthday pork pie, but I'm afraid that she ate it before I had a chance to get the camera out!


Anyway, here she is sleeping off the pork pie. Agatha's no show girl, and has never won a prize, so Chokko bought her a special birthday rosette at the show yesterday. Louise

A very happy birthday to Agatha, she may be not be a show girl but she is definitely top pin up girl in Parker and Chokkko’s eyes!

Valentine Visit

The dogs went into a residential home today to give a valentine heel work to music demo. After the dancing it was time to meet the residents.




Why do I do these visits  these photos say it all!!!