31 March 2011

Liver Bedlington Terrier For Stud, Pedigree NOT KC REG


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Look what I found surfing the net!!!!

Gnenjabay Terrorists Hunting For Mice.

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Thank you to Norman and Sandra for the photo, there is definitely something very interesting by the side of this fence!

We Catch Up With Miss Pie’s Bieke



Bieke exploring the garden just before she fell in the pond (only the
front half got wet). Pigs ears, cheese and a bit of roast beef are her
favourite treats. Ruth and Howard

Thank you Ruth and Howard I bet Bieke got a fright falling in to the pond, pups love to explore and soon find out where the dangers lie, I expect she will be very careful not to go to close to the water from now on!

Support Lilly & Rose On Their Sponsored Walk


Me and Mum are doing a 5k sponsored walk with Lilly & Rosie on Sunday in aid of The Kennel Club’s Charitable Trust and Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation. We will hopefully be collecting some sponsorship at National Terrier. Could you put something on the blog? We haven’t aimed for a certain amount, but we would like to raise as much as possible. I’ve set up a web page so everyone can donate online & even claim some of the tax back. Thanks, Sarah.

The address for the page is : http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SarahandLilly

Thank you Sarah look forward to seeing you at National Terrier

Misty Has A Hair Cut Too

6th Mar 2011 Misty trim (5)

Hello I thought you might like to see my before and after pics too. I love my baby brother even though he torments me, disturbs my beauty sleep and pinches my toys. He is such good fun and chases me all over I don't like it when he grabs my tail that hurts he is getting too fast now and can catch me up. Well its time for our tea I think its chicken tonight yummy Lots of love Misty xxxxxxx

6th Mar 2011 Misty trim (14)

6th Mar 2011 Misty trim (7)

Thank you Misty, what a couple of swell guys you and Bailey–Jay are! I bet you get lots of admiring glances when you walk down the street! 

30 March 2011

A Letter Of Thanks From the KC

The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club received  a "thank you" letter from the Kennel Club for manning the booth at Discover Dogs. Deryk has posted it on MBTC site. To read it click on the link below and scroll down. There are some good photos of set up day as well.Enid

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Stop Press News From Jazz

Hi bloggers


You know the weather is getting warm when the Hedgehogs start to stir and this is our first one we have seen this year and little Sapphire wanted to play with it but she kept her distance after I told not to get to close (reported for the Bedlington Blog by News reporter Mr. Jazz Bedlington)

Good Morning From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. We've had some glorious weather and have been able to get out walking with the dogs. Their friends, Lady the Jack Russel and Scoobie the Staffie have their very own garden on the mountain complete with deck chairs, parasol and bird table. It's a real sun trap and quite a secret place so it's a privilege to be let in. Del and Reg tend their little flower bed and feed the birds every day even when we have really deep snow in the winter. Scoobie looks a bit scary but is one of the softest dogs we know. Lady is the Boss and keeps everyone in their place. Del always has a pocket full of treats so he is a great favourite with the Pengerrig Gang.

Jetsway Captain Morgan is back to normal after a nasty tummy bug that prevented him going to Crufts. He is about to become a dad for the first time and the litter is due tomorrow in Bristol so we are eagerly awaiting the outcome.
We're off to National Terrier on the weekend. Hefin is the doctor for the Show so we'll be there bright and early. It is one of our favourite shows with a very friendly atmosphere and a fantastic members lounge and they've managed to keep the entry fees down unlike some other Championship Shows that are charging £26 this year. Good luck to everyone showing and remember the best dogs always come home with you!

Thank you Enid, we will look forward to the puppy news  Although camping is not mentioned in the schedule for National Terrier, camping is permitted!

29 March 2011

Talking About Liver Bedlingtons!


Like father like daughter, Asha went to play with Daddy Chokko this afternoon. Thanks to Louise for the photo, all we need is Granddad Jazz  to complete the family blog picture!

New TV Dogumentary: “A Different Breed”

Terrier Lovers are serious about their pack at home, and no doubt you will find yourself chuckling along with others watching the show, seeing people do the crazy things we do for our pooches, and don’t tell anyone about! LOL…


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Pets As Therapy Showdog of the Year


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4 (1)

Little Asha  will be supporting the breed this year in the PAT Stakes, her first show will be Bath Championship Show. Asha is visitng “Low Furlong” residential home which cares for older people with dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, the mentally ill and those who need a secure environment and help with day to day living..

Cut & Blow Dry For Bailey-Jay

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (18)

Hi everyone I though you might like to see some photos of me before and after my latest hair cut Mam said I'm very cute and as always very well behaved. I also had a bath last night so I smell very nice too Lots of love Bailey-Jay xxxxxxx

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (4)

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (9)

6th Mar 2011 Bailey-Jay trim (32)

Thank you Bailey–Jay I expect you feel much better with all that hair gone! You certainly look very handsome say hello to your mum Linda, she certainly is a very good hairdresser. 

28 March 2011

Maisie BPIS In Ibiza



Just thought it's about time I introduced myself, my name is Maisie and I recently came to live on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Yesterday my mum took me to my first dog show and I came back with cup you see in the picture for Best Puppy in Show. So many people to admire me and fuss me, as nobody had seen a dog like me before. Came home, had my dinner and slept for hours, I was very tired.  Regards Lois

Congratulations Lois how exciting to win BPIS at Maisie’s very first show! Maisie looks lovely and fantastic to see a liver bedlington puppy taking top honours. Please do send lots of updates, how old is Maisie?

We Catch Up With Ian And The K9 Beddies


Hello All,
Well it’s that time of year again when the K9 Marshal Team start to get busy. As you all know over the last 3 weeks we have been practicing the new routine for the Whithchurch Dog Display Team getting ready for the new season. We do the fire walk on the dog walk, Jazz started doing it last season (brave little boy dog) this season little Sapphire wanted to have a go. I let her try it once and she did it herself. Today ( Sunday 27th March) was our first display of the year at Walford Collage near Shrewsbury and little Sapphire did the fire walk just after Jazz , I had to laugh to myself as she tried to catch Jazz up on the dog walk and beat him to the table at the far end!

We did two displays one at 12:00 noon and a second one at 2:00pm both of the displays went well in front of a big crowd ( it was a bigger crowd than last year) and the crowd were very supportive, after each display they came over to fuss the dogs. When we got home Mum and the dogs put their paws up for an hour and fell fast asleep for a couple of hours from all the excitement of the day. So for now I will sign off until the next report bye bye for now Jazz, Sapphire and Ian (The K9 Marshal Crew)


Two tired beddies!

Thank you Ian Spring is definitely on its way with the start  the dog displays. Hopefully we will soon say goodbye to any winter gloom, it is lovely to have the lighter evenings! We have been busy agility training and little Miss Asha is entered in her first agility nursery class with UK agility in May.    

27 March 2011

Baby Belle Goes To Bedlington


The last pup Belle went this morning to Bedlington, her new owners have the blog address so hopefully we shall see piks of her growing up. Billy

Thank you Billy how quiet it must be at home no more patter of wild tiny paws. I expect the other dogs are pleased they can sleep quietly without being jumped on! Hopefully we will keep in touch with her new Mum and Dad and watch her grow into the into the beautiful Belle of Bedlington! 

Dog News: Terrier rescued from five-foot deep rabbit warren

Click Here for news and video clip,

“Ice”, Catches Her Prize!


Sharnor emerald ice via ycart (Ice) with her very proudly presented first bunny all the best Tracy

Thank you Tracey “Ice”, looks very proud of herself! I expect she is really looking forward to her next outing to rabbit land!

26 March 2011

Today At The National

nbtc 018

Best In Show: Champion Rathsrigg One Misty Morning

nbtc 022

Best Puppy: Doehey Queen of Hearts (Polly,)

nbtc 023

 Reserve Best In Show: Ch Rathsrigg April Rose

Many thanks to Tony Waller for the photos. I understand Brian  Emsley is not well and currently in hospital. Brian, hope you will soon be feeling better and back home, best wishes to you from everyone here on the blog!    

National Bedlington Results

Judge Mr Mark Walshaw

Best In Show & Best Veteran - Champion Rathsrigg One Misty Morning Res. Best Dog - Rathsrigg Millrace
Reserve Best in Show  Ch Rathsrigg April Rose
Res. Best Bitch  - Ruffsfurze Mavradaphne
Best Puppy - Doehey Queen of Hearts

Congtratulations to Ian and Margaret Phillips, Dot with Polly and all the class winners,

Diary Date For May 30th


25 March 2011

Gypsian Terriers Out F0r A Mooch!


issacc in the jeep looking keen


Minnie jumps into action


issacc can not get down the hole because of Minnie’s fat bottom BILLY

Thanks Billy Issacc has a lovely strong looking head and jaw!

This Weekend’s Open Shows

National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show (followed by AGM)
March 26th
Thorp Willoughby Village Hall
Thorp Willoughby
Nr Selby  Yorks
Judge : Mr Mark Walshaw (Janmark)

Good luck to everyone going tomorrow I don’t have a summery of entries but will have the main results on the blog tomorrow evening.

Dog News:Vets demand action on Neapolitans’ health

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Dog News: Barking? We’re Just Indulgent.


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24 March 2011

15 Years Young Today


Fosbury is 15 today and here are a couple of photos of him and Jasper celebrating with a Blog Pork Pie. He still seems young for his age and often will have a puppy moment rolling on his back, waving his legs in the air. Martin and Julie



Thank you Martin and Julie for the photos. A very happy 15th birthday to Fosbury. It is wonderful to read he is  fit and well! Looks like they enjoyed their pork pies suppers!

Tasha, Tilly And Flopsy Bunny!


Close your eyes Billy - you're not gonna like this!!!)
We recently added to our household in the shape of a French Lop rabbit - and I know this goes against every Terrier instinct - but just look at how well they all get on together. When we are out in the country the instincts are still there but at home they just consider 'Flopsy' as part of the family!!! Linda :O)

Thank you Linda, I used to leave the dogs in the field with the chickens during the day to help keep Mr Fox away!!! No problem with the hens but they would kill next door’s old pussy if they could catch her. I think behaviour patterns depends on training and the environment they’re brought up in.      

If Only I Had Enough Time To Play!




ShowDog.Com is a one of a kind virtual dog game that gives you the chance to manage a kennel of virtual show dogs.

You'll have the opportunity to breed, groom, train, and show a kennel of virtual show dogs in daily shows against our other thousands of users. So what are you waiting for, try it now...

Click HERE for more details. This is a US based game and Bedlingtons are on the list of the 180 breeds. 

Dog News:European blood-sucking tick hits UK

A breed of blood-sucking tick normally found in continental Europe has been discovered in the United Kingdom for the first time.

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23 March 2011

Hannah Runs Off With Jacob!!!


Some piks of my kidnaped pup Jacob living with Hannah in Doncaster, he looks lost in the garden Billy









Thank you Billy look on the bright side Jacob will be coming home for visits.

Blog News

Entries are closing on March 26th for The Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club Open Show. So far are only three bedlingtons entered! If you live in the Midlands and available to show do enter as we don’t want to lose bedlington classes at this show. Schedule details can be found in “Open Show Dates” in the index column.

We wish a speedy recovery to Paul  Williams who has undergone a knee operation, The operation was a success but he is still in a lot of pain. I am sure Charm and Daisy the bedlingtons will be excellent nurses, keep him company and take his mind of the discomfort!.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending the National Bedlington Terrier Open Show on Saturday, I am looking for someone to phone through or email the results for ,BOB, Res BOB, BOS and BP  for the blog.

Thank Lesley

Good Morning From Sunny Wales


Good morning Bloggers. Yesterday was a beautiful day and Solo and Ecco enjoyed their walk on the mountain with their best friend Ossie the labradoodle. Alyn, the owner always had Old English Sheepdogs but decided to downsize but Ossie just grew and grew! He loves water and Solo followed him into the pond for a paddle and got covered in mud.. I wonder if mud is a good coat conditioner for dogs?

Tim is making a good recovery from his cardiac condition and should be back walking the dogs soon. Brian Holland was sad to hear about Brian Waller’s dog passing away as he has a dog from one of her litters. Hefin went to visit Elwyn to deliver Fish 4 Dogs that we bought from Crufts. His dogs love the treats but it is quite difficult to buy around here. He's doing OK and going to get the caravan ready to go fishing at the end of next month.
I had a bit of a shock when I went into the garden and heard something scuttling in the bushes. I went to see what it was thinking it was a blackbird and there looking out at me with beady eyes was a huge rat. The four dogs were sunbathing and hadn't noticed it but I called them and they came running over but the rat had disappeared. Fizz was on patrol for hours hoping it would come back. I'll have to ask our expert, Kevin, to come over and get rid of it and I'll have to stop feeding the birds.
Good luck to all those showing at The National Bedlington Show on Saturday. Family commitments mean that we are unable to go - the first time for many years. Enid

Thank you Enid. Pleased to hear Tim is making a good recovery, we look forward to seeing him and Julie by the ringside soon. Fantastic to read Elwyn is making plans to go fishing and enjoy a break with the dogs in the caravan. I know how much both Mo and Elwyn loved their fishing holidays. The lovely weather makes us all want to head off to the countryside as soon as possible! Mr Rat lives another day! I think he must be very very well fed on your bird food, inviting Kevin over and letting the ferrets loose, will force Mr Rat out of hiding and give the dogs a real thrill.  

22 March 2011

Waiting patiently


Here's a picture of Tasha eating her birthday pork pie and, of course, Tilly gets one as well.
They look like a couple of puff balls at the moment. There went for a paddle in the river at the weekend so were in a bit of a state. They're part brushed ready for Lee to start trimming at the weekend.

How Patiently they sit waiting to eat their pork pies, hope Tasha enjoyed her special day. They look lovely in the photo  but  do send us a photo after Lee has trimmed them!

We Catch Up With Marie, Briagha & Cody


I don't know where the time has gone, I guess I've been busy with work and travel. I have looked in on the blog from time to time and was extremely saddened to read recently about big Mo. I'm sure she will always be remembered fondly by the bloggers.

Cody and Briagha have both had some stomach problems lately. Firstly Briagha had another episode of haemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE), that required an emergency trip to the vet. Then Cody came down with it some time later in an unrelated incident. I think it may be caused by food allergy so I've switched them both to dry food for sensitive stomachs. Briagha is thriving on it and her skin is much better too. I'm hoping Cody will catch up with her because his skin is still a bit itchy with hot spots.

I'm just back from a photo trip to Iceland where it was extremely cold, but we saw the most amazing displays of the northern lights (pic enclosed). We were very lucky to see them every one of the four nights we were there. I will try to write now and then with updates of my travels etc Marie

It is lovey to hear from you Marie and see one of your fantastic photos. What a photo seeing the northern lights must have been amazing!
Time does fly. We certainly miss your photos and bedlington news from the island so do send us updates when you have time. Pleased the dog’s tummies are better it does seem unusual for both dogs to come down with the same symptoms from possible unrelated illnesses. Lovely to hear from you and do write again soon. 

21 March 2011

A good Day For Lloyd

Sunday at Newton Aycliffe and District canine Society

I had a another good day with Lloyd (Doehey Heartstrings). He got 1st in Junior, Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed under Roy North and Puppy Group1 under John Scanlan. Many thanks to Both Judges Julie

Thank you Julie what a fantastic day for this young dog. What a great start to his show career winning BOB as a puppy, well done!

Tasha Is 8 Years Young Today


Tasha (left) who is 8 years old today. She is pictured with Tilly and our daughter Sophie. Linda

Thank you Linda, and a very happy birthday to Tasha. What a lovely photo of your girls! Do hope Tasha is going to tuck into a birthday pork pie for tea.

A Very Happy 4th Birthday Today To…….


Marikov Miss American Pie At Gypcian, (Pie)

Hope Billy is going to get you a nice big  pork pie for Tea!

Results from Yesterday’s Gt Yarmouth & District CS Open Show

Judge: Jane Graham (Ruffsfurze

11 dogs entered, only 1 absentee

Graduate D or B

Graduate D/B 1st Kathryn Tredgett's Sevray Rebus (Freddie)
                        2nd Mary Godden's Makems Honky Tonk Woman (Brenda)

Limit D or B

Limit D/B 1st Joan Hamilton's Harrisclub Silver Charmer (Petal) – BOB
                 2nd Edd & Viv Rainsbury's Sevray Repique (Bonnie)
                 3rd  Richard & Karen Button's Harrisclub Flash Harry (Taz)


Open D/B 1st Edd & Viv's Ch Sevray Just Rumours (Penfold) – BOS
                  2nd Edd & Viv's Jetsway Mother's Ruin for Sevray (Dora)
                  3rd Joan's Miteymidgets Chrysaetos (Swift)

Congratulations to Joan and Viv, and many thanks to Viv and Ed for the results and photos.

20 March 2011

Yesterday At Murton Terrier & Lurcher Show

Hello Bloggers,

Yesterdday was Murton Terrier & Lurcher Show held in Co. Durham. As it was the first show of the year and as the day turned out sunny there was a good turn out of working terriers and lurchers. Murton used to be a pit village so terriers and lurchers were, and still are popular with the locals.


The owner of this Bedlington apologised for his looks but he had been to ground that morning and then came straight to the show. He is from John Holdon's Granitor line. There was also a pup in the cage.


We first met these Lakeland crosses last year at another show in Co. Durham. Up close they are gorgeous. Their owners said they live outside and sleep in an old beer barrel, bet the beer was drunk first.


Well!! here are some familiar faces, Wor Billy on his phone as usual. Tghe Lakelands look really tough and fit.  


Judging of the Bedlington dogs. The young lad was first, Billy second


This dark lad was only a few months old and his dad is one of Nigel Stock’s dogs.As can be seen the dress code for working shows is very casual and the beer was flowing around the ring side. The Makems

Thank you Derek, I think a great day was had by all at the show yesterday. The Lakelands look really well and fit lovely working dogs! Unfortunately apart from a couple of hunt kennel shows we don’t have many working shows in Oxfordshire and non with Bedlington classes!