30 June 2011

Have You Seen “Stitch”?


Stitch is a Bedlington/Lakeland terrier cross, he is grey/black and is very friendly, knee high in size. Stitch went missing on river walk between Monkton Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire and Langley Burrell, near Lower Pickingell Farm

Click HERE for more details. Thanks to Carol Newton for the link. Do hope he is safe and well and back home soon.

Results From Windsor

BEST OF BREED : 87 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
Dog CC : 87 WALSHAW Mr & Mrs M & J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
Res Dog CC : 81 OWEN Mrs D Bisbee Beachcomber JW
Bitch CC : 82 OWEN Mrs D Bisbee Belle Inni
Res Bitch CC : 94 WINSTANLEY Mrs L Catchfraze Flirty Girty
Best Puppy : 63 GARBUTT Mr R & Mrs P Highdene Hitman
Best Veteran : 69 HONEY Mrs S E Barnsnap Bryony


Bitch CC : 82 OWEN Mrs D Bisbee Belle Inni

Click Here for the class results

Check the blog tomorrow night for photos of the Windsor exhibitors and over the weekend for photos of exhibitors (by Mr Harvey Bell) from Blackpool Champ Show.

Genie 2nd In Championship Stakes At Windsor

BOB Windsor Today

Mark wins BOB with Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh Cm.

29 June 2011

Windsor Champ Show

Tomorrow is bedlington day, good luck to everyone entered. Log on tomorrow night for the results and photo of the Best Of Breed.

Bedlington Cross At Battersea



Click Here for Details.
I do hope Kudos finds a new forever home soon!

Congratulations To Jeri

Hammer and Diamond in California are the first bedlingtons in America  to earn their American Kennel Club CA (Coursing Ability) titles. Hammer and Diamond who will be 9 in August are Diesel’s litter brother and sister. Jeri had to travel 8 hours to the venue for a chance to try for the the titles. The long journey there and back certainly paid off.

We Catch Up With Ian And The K9 Crew

Hello All
sorry we haven't been touch with you all but I have been either at work or taking the K9 Marshal Crew for their daily adventure.  Before you know it the weeks are flying by. We have missed some displays with the team because  my Rota fell on display days and I had to work, humbug! Over the last month  we've had this nice warm weather when I've taken little Jazz and Sapphire for their daily adventures. They have been paddling in the Meres to cool their paws down, which is so funny, for every time little Sapphire pups gets out of the water she gets the wind under her tail  and ends up having a mad 5 minutes racing around like a mad pup and chasing Jazz around and playing!

We are keeping up with our training with the display team on a Monday nights which Jazz and Sapphire enjoy so much. Even Sapphire does the fire walk now with Jazz, at the displays


Here is a picture of Jazz taking a break on his chair and little Sapphire having a breather on the dog walk after going ballistic around the course 4 times.

Sapphire pups111111

so for now its bye bye from me and woof woof of Jazz and Sapphire pups. P.S Jazz and Sapphire reckon this looks like me eating a nice cream cake ha ha ha.                                      

7_4_15       Roll Over

Thank you Ian don’t work to hard and look forward to seeing you and the k9 team at the fun day.

27 June 2011

Results From Derbyshire Show

Hi Lesley, Sunday at a very hot Derbyshire County Show

Best of Breed Mark with Janmark Misty Horizons
Res Best of Breed Doehey Heartstrings
Best Puppy Trudie with Tobanie Earth Song

Does anybody know how Mark got on in the Groups?  Well Done Mark and Trudie  Julie

Gypsy and Merlin Go To The Shows

Well, we went to 3 dog shows this weekend with young Merlin & Gypsy. We really only went to get experience in the ring, since it is too hot here to train outdoors and we don't have any ring craft classes here. But, the youngsters did us all proud with Merlin going BOB & Gypsy going BOS on Friday. Then on Saturday, Gypsy took the BOB and Merlin took the BOS. On Sunday, Merlin stayed home, as he was quite stressed, since this was his first time out. I showed Gypsy to Mr Peter Green, whom I think you all know. He immediately wanted to know if she was from the boy I brought home when he saw me at Burlington National a few years ago. He said that she looked very British styled, of course, that pleased us very much! Even Gypsy reached up and gave him a slurp across the nose!!!!!
I think Billy and I can be VERY proud of the youngsters we got from Sandra & Norman's and my breeding. That will probably be all of our shows now,until the fall. We do not have many shows during the late summer, due to the extreme heat. Our shows will start up again in October. But, this thrill will keep me going until then. Mary Lou & the Bedlington Gang In Florida


Congratulations Mary Lou what a wonderful weekend for the young dogs. It is fantastic to see anglo-american bedlingtons winning in the show ring. It is a shame they have to wait until October for their next outing! Many thanks to Cathy Gilchrist of Orlando, FL. for the photos

Dog News: Police dogs die after car ordeal

Click HERE

I hope the person responsible loses their job!

The Unusual World Of The Bedlington

We spent the day yesterday at the Cotswold Hunt open day. One of the attractions was the working terrier and lurcher show. Saying this there were no bedlington classes but a few bedlingtons in attendance. I enjoyed watching the terrier judging especially the Border Terrier and Lakeland classes. What I did notice (with my untrained eye) that the dogs in the ring resembled in coat, colour and size to those we seen in the KC show ring. Forgetting the trimming the  bedlingtons in attendance were a far cry from the breed standard or what we see today in the show ring.  I just can’t help wondering why our breed is so diverse?. One reason for attending was to take the dogs terrier racing. Unfortunately the starting stalls were to small for Parker and even Asha at just over 15 inches. I  asked the organiser if I could race the dogs without the stalls he told me the racing was for terriers only, not recognising my bedlingtons!  After recently  attending working shows  black bedlingtons of around 14 inches (some KC registered) that can easily go to ground take the prizes at these shows! There seems little difference between the  KC show and working Borders, Lakelands and Welsh Terriers, but the work and show bedingtons are worlds apart!

A Water Bedlington !




Issacc  decided a little duck supper would be nice and without any warning launched himself into the water. Issacc who has never been swimming before swam round for a while. Realising ducks are not the easiest of prey came back disappointed and very bedraggled! There are not many bedlingtons who would choose to jump into a lake. Thanks to Billy for the photos!

Collars and Leads for Sri Lanka

Stuart and Angela Yearley’s vet is collecting spare collar and leads for dogs in Sri Lanka. If you re going to Windsor Championship show and can spare an old lead/collar you can pass on to  Stuart at his bench.
Embark was launched in March 2007 with the sole mission of reducing animal cruelty and focusing on improving the wellbeing of animals throughout the country. Click Here to visit the website.

26 June 2011

Drag Racing!!!!

How to get your dog fit without moving!!! Thanks to Billy and Issacc for the tip. Issacc certainly looks to be having fun!

Photos From Blackpool


2The puppies

3Junior Bitch

4Post Graduate Bitch

!cid_5C8C5FF8-3E29-4359-A4C9-62D271651C11Post Graduate Dog

5Open Dog

6Best of Breed, Bitch CC and Best Puppy

Thank you to Derek Lewis for the photos

25 June 2011

Maya Is A Mum!

Congratulations to Trevor and Jane with Maya who produced five lovely pups yesterday morning three girls and two boys!

Beware Kennel Cough Vaccine!

I attended WELKS at Malvern and as I was carrying on to Wales for the weekend I had to kennel Solomon and Boudica This meant that I had to have them vaccinated for kennel cough. Shortly after this was done I took Solomon to visit my mum and since them she has been quite ill with a bad chest infection and cough which hospitalised her for a while. Although she is now much better she can’t seem to throw it of and on a recent visit to the doctors mentioned the report on kennel cough vaccine.  Her doctor said she wasn't aware of this and has asked for a copy.  Julie


cough vaccine

Blackpool Champ Show

Congrats to MarK for winning the Pet Plan Junior Stakes with Justintime. yesterday Does anyone know if this is the 3rd ticket for Misty Horizons? Many congratulations to Dorothy with Beachcomber her new champion!

Go Asha Go

Go Asha Go

24 June 2011

Fwd: Thanks

Hi Lesley,
please can you put the following message on the Blog
Thanks Julie
Hi All,
I would like to thank whoever it was that handed in my car key to the secretary at the Blackpool Show today.
I dont know if it was a Bedlington person but if it was a very big Thankyou you saved me a great deal of worry and a considerable amount of money
Julie x

The Feldon Flyers Have A Good Day


Asha wins her very first clear round rosette at her second show 



My Asha the Basha  gets her first clear round rosette this afternoon at Just 17 months in the nursery agility, I am so proud of her! She will soon be competing in the adult classes. Fudge at 13 won a second place in the casual agility (class for older dogs). We all very proud of Smudge the bedlington/lurcher who won the beginner’s agility, won the beginner’s jumping and was second in the steeplechase. This is only Smudge’s second season competing! 


Smudge on his way to victory

Today At Blackpool Champ Show


Click HERE for all the class results

Well done to all the winners especially Dorothy with her new champion!

Bridget’s Babies




Turn on the computer mum, I might be staring on bedlinhton pictures?

Many thanks to Mary for the update, how they have grown up in the last week. I just love their little collars.

Betty Beach Ball Update


Last Thursday she had her stitches out and her wound had completely healed,this is her one week later as if nothing had happend at all! Billy

Well done Betty. Great to read she is back to normal so soon, just a bit more leg hair and she will be ready for pin up photo session!

Agility Near Cheltenham

Created with PicSay on my HTC Vision

Don’t Come Any Closer’


Leo and Larry on holiday, Larry certainly looks like he doesn’t want any more rough and tumble play! Many thanks to Pat for the photo.

23 June 2011

Blackpool Championship Show

Tomorrow (Friday) is terrier day, good luck to everyone entered!

Cody And Issacc’s Babies


Arn’t they lovely I can’t resist liver babies!

Antler Dental Chew!

Rosie loves a raw hide chew, especially after her dinner – probably why she has quite good teeth for an old girl. She can be quite bossy and persistent when she doesn’t get one. The problem is they only last 15-20 minutes, and then she either comes to demand another, or takes one that one of the boys has got bored with. I saw these ‘stag horns’ in our local pet shop. The owner had seen them at Crufts and was pleased that an antler lasted her collie quite a few weeks. So far it seems to be keeping Rosie quiet , and the others take their turn when she has finished. I am amazed that there haven’t been any squabbles over the antler. Best wishes Sarah

Copy (1) of IMG_1865-1

Thank you Sarah, my dogs love to spend time chewing and the antler sounds the perfect way to help clean the teeth while keeping the dog amused for hours! 

Dog News:

Crufts-winning mother-and-daughter duo plead guilty to keeping 104 dogs in 'horrific conditions' - but they are STILL able to keep and show the animals

Click HERE


Could this be a bedlington?

I don’t suppose this is the only show kennel that has to many dogs! it is frightening to think that caged dogs who are forced to live in poor conditions can be turned out to win prizes in the show ring. Thanks to Billy for the link.   

Come on KC you can’t be that desperate for cash not to strike these two off. Some of the dogs look a bit Bedlington to me Billy

22 June 2011

Breed Notes

dog world

Viv Rainsbury  Click HERE

Eric and Ernie



Thought you would like to see Grace’s pups now that they are two weeks old. I have called them Eric and Ernie. Chris Worrall
How cute are they! Looking forward to seeing them running around. This time next week their eyes will be open and then the fun begins! 

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers, arrangements for the Fun Day are well under way. Stu has volunteered to give ringcraft demonstrations in the breaks throughout the day so any of you who think they may like to show will have a chance to practice. I've had several enquiries about camping and it will be great to have Jon and Les with us this year. Any donations for the raffle will be gratefully received. When we've decided what to do on Friday evening, I'll let you know.
The beautiful puppies in Llandovery have found good homes. Unfortunately we were unable to visit on Saturday but hope to get down there when we come back from our travels.
Tim is still in hospital with high blood pressure but Brian Holland is hoping to come home today after his operation. I spoke to David Taylor and Roger Crooke is improving slowly.
I've been packing the van ready for Blackpool. We are going to Windsor via Henley on Thames. I looked up "Dog friendly pubs" and there are a couple in the town so hopefully we'll manage a bar meal or two! If you've got any favourites in Henley let me know. Enid

Thank you Enid, sorry to hear Tim is still in hospital, best wishes go to to Tim and Julie and hope he is home very soon, pleased to read Brian is well enough to come home today.
Not long now until the fun day don’t forget camping £5 from the Thursday through to the Monday at the venue also still a few spaces available for those wishing to try for the KC Good Citizen Bronze award. With Enid away for about 10 days please email me if you would like to book camping or take the Good Citizen Test    

There were about 100 bedlingons plus their friends and local dogs at the fun day last year, the sun shone and everyone had a fantastic day.


Click HERE to view the photos from the 2010 tun day

FUN Day Sat July 16th 2011


21 June 2011

Dog News:

Substances Found in Coats of Tested Crufts Dogs. But Dogs let off.
June 21st

Click Here

Titus Earns His Mach 3

On June 13th Titus earned his AKC MACH3 (just 8 months after earning his MACH2). My runs were dedicated to my friend, Fran, who is losing her battle with cancer. I felt like she was sitting on my shoulder all day. From afar she celebrated my success with me so it was a very poignant day for me. She and I met through our Bedlingtons. She loved agility and our dear breed. I hope all is well with you and your fur kids! Take care, Susan Wellington USA

Congratulations Susan this is a fantastic achievement, we don’t have the same titles here in the UK but for everyone in the UK a Mach 3 is a very high award! It is fantastic to have a bedlington competing at the very top level, well done, lots of love and the very best of luck at future agility shows. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Fran,  it was special that Fran could be with you to celebrate your success.

Click HERE
Worth a look!

Did I Do That Mum?

I thought this was quite funny, Boy and I walked in woods near Neath (in a lovely vast area of  cuntryside park called the Gnoll) between heavy showers on Saturday. We hadnt been this way for months, and I was aghast to see that this lovely old tree (been there all my life and much longer) had fallen. Boy's expression seems to be saying "But Mum, I only cocked my leg up on it!" Andrea

Thank you Andrea, how sad to see such a lovley old tree uprooted I wonder how old it is?  

20 June 2011

Working Show News

Yesterday at Poachers Rest Show


1st bedlington dog and BOB
1st AV sporting
Rreserve best in show (pedigree show)
Nothing in championship (working show)

1st AV Veteran Ch Minnie Minx
3rd Bedlington Bitch Ch Miss Colin
1st Same Family  Minnie and Colin


The white fell type dog on the left won the championship

Terrier Racing
Issacc flew off the start line and was 2 dog lengths in front till 1/4 of the way to go then he went off to the right slowed down and a Staffy caught up to him and they were at loggerheads while a small beddy X snook through to win. Billy

home time

Look how clever we have been!

Yesterday At Shildon

Bramble and me were at Shildon yesterday, As he had won best of breed last year (but never received the shield, as the previous years winner hadn't returned it :-(( ) I was hoping he would win again this year, but it wasn't to be.6 dogs and 2 bitches entered and bramble came away with 3rd. bedlington Dog.

Alfie: Best of Breed 2011Best of breed went to Alfie

Best Terrier in Show went to ???? a Border Terrier.

Bramble and me were at Shildon yesterday, As he had won best of breed last year (but never received the shield, as the previous years winner hadn't returned it :-(( ) I was hoping he would win again this year, but it wasn't to be. 6 dogs and 2 bitches entered and Bramble came away with 3rd. bedlington dog.
Best of breed went to Alfie ( congratulations Carol )
Best Terrier in Show went to ???? a Border Terrier.


And the last photo is of Blue. Ann had asked her son or brother to take him to the groomers and asked to have him cut short as he was overgrown and with the summer being here wanted him to have a good cut to keep him cool. When she got him back she was gutted, as he has been scalped!!, But luckily she bumped into Derek Lewis, and Ann will no longer be going to her usual groomer, but when blue's fur has grown back she will be having him groomed by Eileen. Karen and Bramble.

Well done to everyone yesterday, I really feel sorry for “Blue” but his coat will grow back, can’t wait to see the before and after photos in a few moths time after visiting Eileen.