29 January 2012

Harry - Bedlington X With Hope Rescue


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patricia said...

Hope you find a home soon Harry. I had an encounter this weekend with a tramp! he had a bedlington whippet, but very bedlington, I spoke to him and he inherited the dog, which was lovely, a little girl. very very thin, the guy slept outdoors, as there is no body that will accept dogs, I am guessing he was an alcoholic. the dog was shivering, I had to meet david in an hour, so instead of shopping I spent the hour trying to find a shop on sunday that sold dog food, I did, then I chased around trying to find this guy. the dog was ravenous, why do they let them keep these dogs, she would have made a lovely pet, when I met david I was upset, why are you upset he said? because you didnt buy anything, I never let on, but wanted to find the dog and buy her. no sleep last night.!