28 January 2012

Hello From The K9 Crew


Well the K9 Marshal Crew are gearing up to a busy few months with practice for the display season with the team and some rally events to marshal. We have a rally event the weekend before the fun day.
We  are keeping our eyes open for a lost Bedlington Terrier called Jake who went missing from his home near Market Drayton his details are on the lost dog website so if any one of our friends out there hear anything please let us know because his family miss him so much!!! Thank you so much from Ian, Jazz and Sapphire

                36237_a                                                     Jake

Click HERE for details of Jake

Latest News 28/01
Jake was in the Sentinel last night no calls from that. Local farmers keeping an eye out for him Spent all day yesterday looking for Jake, new leaflets and posters, again no info. He is in the Shropshire Star today with his picture so hopefully that will bring some news.


jo said...

I'm new to this blog and signed on this morning so I could leave a message for Jake's owners. I left a message suggesting taking dogs that Jake is very familiar with to Keele uni and woodlands to see if they can find his scent - worth a try - but my message has gone already. why is that? Also, just had a thought, has local radio been contacted for listeners to look out for him?

jo said...

Sorry my blog didn't disappear as I thought, I'd written it in the other Jake comments, said I was new to the blog! I'm glad to see Mark has spoken to local radio. I'm sure this will bring good news as most peope tend to listen to the radio in the car. Geat to see too that a search at Keele uni has been arranged on Wed 1 Feb at 12.30. I wish I didn't live 4 hours away as I'd loved to have been there and searched all day if needs be. Now come on Jake, please, please be somewhere where you can be found as you need to be home now boy. Your owners miss you so much and we're all worried sick about you too x