22 February 2012

News From Wales



Good morning, Bloggers, I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes yesterday on Shrove Tuesday. It was also Richard Trevithick's Day here in Merthyr Tydfil. On 21st. February 1804, he drove the first steam powered engine in the world along ten miles of tramway. This was twenty five years before Stevenson's Rocket. We went to the opening of the new Puddler's Bridge which crosses the main road on the Trevithick Trail which follows the route taken by the first train. Julien Macdonald, the fashion designer (Star at Debenhams and Kayleigh's favourite) who is from the town cut the ribbon and you can see him with some young cyclists who had come in their specially customised high viz jackets. Just peeping out behind him is Laura Ashley's cousin. Laura Ashley also came from Merthyr. At the side of the trail is a bench with three portraits of important people from the town -Richard Trevithick, Julien Macdonald and Laura Ashley. They are made out of metal. Solo enjoyed all the attention he received from the children and dignitaries present, especially Julien who was very taken by him. Not even the rain could spoil the occasion and all the children were treated to pancakes afterwards.

There's been a nasty flu like bug doing the rounds. We've both had it and Tim failed to go to Devon and Cornwall Show last Sunday because of it. Hopefully, we will be over it by the weekend for the Midlands Show. We've got bacon butties to start the day followed by pie and peas or Ploughman's, with Sandra's trifle, Vicky's apple pie and chocolate fudge cake amongst other things.The AGM is going to be held after the show this year. I hope to see lots of you there.  Enid.

Thank you once again Enid for your contribution. Jon.


Stuart said...

Interesting to read this as my family has strong connections with the early railway pioneers. My great great uncle (I believe) was Mr Timothy Hackworth whose designs Stevenson plagarised during his early career. Strange that my ancestors should come from Bedlingtonland in the North East.



Yes an interesting tale from both Enid and Stuart. Both of these histories can be seen at Shildon Railway Museum here in Co. Durham.

The Makems

martin and julie said...

We've got one of those statues here. Unfortunately St Neots is a little shy on celebrities so we've got James Toller (The Eynesbury Giant who was 8' 1 1/2"), Cecil Paget (inventor of the waterproof cycling cape)and ......... a small child playing cricket (who in the statue seems to have only one arm).