27 February 2012

Pedigree Dogs Exposed BBC 4 tonight

Was scheduled BBC 4,  9-10pm this evening! I have missed it but hope to view on iplayer .
Thanks to Viv for the info!


Viv said...

interesting, and probably not as sensational as the first programme - some food for thought for all of us, though. I thought the dalmation bit was particularly interesting - perhaps some of the old timers in Bedlingtons had it right when they introduced a dash of "alien" blood (or is that where our genetic problems began ....? )

Stuart said...

Alien blood works both ways and can introduce as many problems as it solves. This has been proven by lurchers which now contain CT genes. Without DNA testing introduction of foreign genes will only delay disease onset by one generation and only serves to complicate issues by adding extra genes to a mix.