29 February 2012

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning , Bloggers. Not a lot to report this week except for some traffic information. For those travelling to Crufts via the M50, it is closed from Juction 2 (Ledbury) to the M5 for the next two weekends. We had to come back from MBTC show through Malvern and Ledbury. Tim lives closer to the M4 than us so he went M4/M5. Another alternative is to go from Ross along the A40 and pick up the M5 there. Whatever route you take it's going to add time to the journey. We're second in the ring after 79 Manchester Terriers so it's not crucial to be there at start of judging at nine o'clock.
We've got an excellent team of helpers for Discover Dogs over the four days so don't forget to go along to Hall 3 to say hello.


Tomorrow is St. David's Day and my Red Dragon flag will be out as usual. The grandchildren will be taking part in their school Eisteddford. The younger ones will dress up in Welsh costume although the boys usually wear Welsh rugby shirts these days. We are holding a coffee morning to raise funds to repair the organ in our Chapel and Eleri Darkings is playing the harp. We've all been busy making Welsh cakes, bara brith and teison lap - all traditional cakes from around here.

Thank you Enid, if anyone is going to Crufts do go along to Discover Dogs, meet the bedlingtons and have a chat to a great  team of friendly people who will man the stand over the four days. Chris and Rod Tigh and the bedlingtons, and Nicki Kinns and myself will be at the booth all day Friday. Come and say hello to all the dogs, we are taking Diesel Parker and Yuva.
Enid, have a good day tomorrow, all those lovely cakes!  Do hope your coffee morning raises enough money to repair the chapel organ!!



Looking forward to Discover Dogs.

The Makems

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happy st david day boyo's from ian and the k9 marshal crew