29 March 2012

Cotton's First Spring


Here is a picture of Cotton trimmed earlier in the month (time for another trim already!). And here is Cotton learning about gardening as it is her first Spring. She had lots of fun running off with the gardening gloves! She was no help with digging either, digging is reserved for nice things like the carpet and the sofa so hopefully our new flowers will stand a chance espeically with this nice weather.
You may remember earlier in the month that I emailed the blog about her itchy skin. Well we've cracked it! Her paw chewing habit has been broken using bitter apple spray and a cone at night and when we're out and now we don't need to use either. She is also a lot less itchy thanks to a supplement called Yumega Plus. We have now started attending Rally Obedience classes and she has been having a great time! She loves all her friends there both four legged and two legged. Her progress has been brilliant and it definitely helps her obedience in general too, she was good before but now she's fantastic...although now she's found her voice but we're working on that too of course ;)
Emma (aka EJ) & Cotton x


Thank you Emma, lovely to catch up with “Cotton” and to hear her itchy skin has cleared up. Good luck in your Rally Obedience. I think this discipline is new in the UK, but it’s a very popular form of training in the USA governed by the American Kennel Club where dogs compete for titles..  


Stuart said...

What relation is Cotton to Jed ? From the look of her he's behind her somewhere

EJ said...

From talking to Lesley we know that there is Granitor in both Cotton's & Diesel's lines so perhaps that's why she looks like Jed?

Rally is indeed very popular in the states. Rally courses have 'stations' a bit like in agility and at each station there's a sign to tell you what to do. In competitions you compete against yourself, you try and beat your last time and try not to knock off any points. Our brand of rally is Talking Dogs Rally from a training company in Cambridge called Talking Dogs. Our classes started running at the beginning of the year so it's very new for us too (I'm a dog trainer too at these clases). It's a lot of fun and all about positive handling & training.

ed and rebecca said...

Glad to hear she's getting better : )
Ralphie really loved Rally- o when we tried it. It really keeps them focused on you and the task. It's good for terriers that you compete against yourself and not those swotty collies!

EJ said...

haha yes, there's a baby collie younger than Cotton in our class who is doing better! Cotton is a bad influence and if Cotton barks it sends the collie nuts and she wants to join in and play! :)

Trish said...

I LOVE the name "Cotton", it is as adorable as she is...I miss having a puppy. She is beautiful!

EJ said...

aaw thank you, won't be a puppy for much longer she's nearly 10 months old!