31 March 2012

Jasper And His Favourite Ball


We all enjoyed ourselves at Crufts, but it was very busy and hectic and we were glad to get back to the usual routines. The dogs were very pleased to come home, and had a good roll on the rug and their sofa when we got home. Jasper is very fond of his toys and wasn’t sure which to play with first. His absolute favourite is a bald tennis ball, and he really missed it. He has been taking it to bed at night, and here he is making sure that he doesn’t forget to pack it for his next holiday. Best wishes Sarah
Thank you Sarah, what a lovely photo the bald ball looks to be a real comforter and a very special possession! Hope Jasper remembers to bring it along when camping for the Fun Day weekend 


Karen Goldsbrough said...

So Cute x x


Lovely photo, Jasper's a beautiful looking boy.