28 March 2012

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. It's been really warm and sunny here for the past week and the dogs have spent hours sunbathing in the garden. We had a visit from new girl on the block, Tilley. She is ten month old liver and lives with Anita and Eric in Swansea. She had a whale of a time playing with our dogs, racing round and round. Fizz hasn't exerted herself so much for ages! They would have loved to have come to the Fun Day but they'll be on holiday in their caravan. They've met Madeline and Thandi on the beach so are going to the same groomer. The first one they went to shaved Tilley down all over so it's work in progress to get her looking OK.
We'll be at the National Bedlington Terrier Open Show on Saturday and, hopefully, there will be a few of you there to catch up with. I'll have schedules for Terrier Club of South Wales with me if you want one. The show is on 6th. May at the Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre and there are three Bedlington classes. There is always a warm welcome for everyone at this show as Louise will testify. You can also download a schedule from the Terrier Club of South Wales page on Facebook. Good luck to all those entered on Saturday
. Enid

Thank you Enid, how nice to see a liver baby, do hope Eric and Anita send us some photos. Fizz has obviously found an new female soul mate and having fun, boys can be such a bore!  Good luck to you and everyone showing on Saturday, we won’t be at the show but hope someone will phone me through the main results.

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Agathasmum Louise said...

Great show, we got there too early last time. However, we were welcomed inside, and even got an early cuppa! Food was really good too. It was well organised, lots of helpful people to anser questions and there was plenty of room to set up my table, crate etc. Would love to be going back in May.