30 April 2012

Hello Tinker

Rain rain go away

Poor Ed has spent most of the last 3 weeks watching the rain, hoping for a gap to fit in a walk. Fortunately Saturday was nice, just in time for the St George’s Fair in Hexham’s park. There were displays of traditional crafts, stalls with food and crafts, and music . We went along at lunch time to see Tony and the dry stone wallers. They’d made a nice job of their demonstration wall, with help from a few children.

demo wall st G fair hexham

Just as the fair was starting to close down we spotted a bedlington and his owner in the park. He spotted us before his owner and was so pleased to meet other dogs like him. This is Tinker a lovely 2 year old, and very gentle. We told his owner about the blog and the North East walks. Best wishes Sarah

Tinker and the gang

Thank you Sarah, Ed certainly looks very fed up. Thank goodness it was dry for the fair nothing worse than wandering round outside events and stalls in the rain. Great dry stone wall the wallers must have a good eye to make it level. Lovely to meet Tinker do hope we will see him on the blog again soon
I know what you mean about the weather, we camped for the WELKS show, we were not entered but went to take photos and have a nice weekend away. Well the camping field was wet, muddy and we had to be towed on and off. Today we will be spending the morning getting all the mud off our camper. This weekend was also a two day lurcher show on the Brailes Village Hall Field. We went along yesterday afternoon, it was chucking it down and they had three rings outside for the showing. Everyone was huddled in the hall entrance and just rushed out for their class. There was a fun dog show running at the same time and Diesel won the veteran class, she did not seem to mind the driving rain, i think she thought she was going simulated coursing. I felt sorry for the poor judges who were very cold and looked like drowned rats .  



Nice to see the St George's Day went well at Hexham. We were on our yearly trip to Whitby to see the Goths. Nice on the Saturday but chucking it down on Sunday.

No Bedlingtons spotted apart from ours but we did meet a couple of bedraggled Bedlington folk, Brian & Sanda Waller. Perhaps the October meeting might be a bit drier.

The Makems

Elaine & Ern said...

The dogs are all looking well Sarah.

We're off to Whitby on Friday - didn't realise it was Goth week last week. Hope the weather is better, nothing worse than perpetually bedraggled Beddies