12 April 2012

Midland Musings


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and didn't indulge in too many eggs! lol. For me, unfortunately it was "carry on as usual", though Trevor did take on the role of chief dog walker to give me a break. We all enjoyed our day at the National Terrier, always good to see friends and were especially pleased for Sharon and Muffin. Her face was of sheer delight when handed the card! It proved to  be a good day for our ringcraft also, with young Enzo doing well for Sally & Gavin, Erin took puppy bitch,(despite being a real handful), best of all though was Archie the Irish Terrier who won his first RCC. Not only is he Mark and families first dog and show dog but runner up to the Irish Terrier dog who came Best in Show!

Earlier in the week I had a call from Marion who owns one of Erin's 2 sisters, Grace, she told me she was in season. Having spoken to Maria who owns the remaining sister Esther, it was apparent all 3 had begun their first season in unison, I wonder if this is unusual? Happily everything has returned to normal here, (whatever that maybe!). We are finding it impossible to publish our comments on the blog for some reason, so don,t think I’m ignoring anyone, or don’t have an opinion, heaven forbid! lol! Jane xxx

Thank you Jane what a fantastic day for Archie the Irish Terrier, and of course fantastic to see Erin win her puppy class. Also a really good entry for Margaret at the beginning of the season. Saying this dog showing is getting more and more expensive and on the whole people are being more selective and entering fewer shows. Sorry to hear about the computer problem, I know in the past other people have had problems posting comments. Clearing the cookies from your computer normally solves the problem.


patricia said...

gorgeous face, you are pretty erin. x

Stuart said...

I had to sign in again to publish my comments a couple of days ago. I expect bloggers were grateful for the break from my inanities.

J&T said...

still can not sign in

poppydog said...

Hi Jane, Erin looks beautiful. Esther has finished her season now thank goodness things got very stressful with Morgan the amorous about! Looking forward to meeting up with you at WELKS . Maria.