20 April 2012

No Bedlingtons, But Prague Tops The Charts For A City Break.

Hello Bloggers
Eileen has recently served 25 years with Holiday Inns so they gave her a free flight and 3 nights stay in a hotel so we decided to go to Prague for the weekend. Nice short flight from Newcastle, early start so at least we got to Prague early too. Bus and Metro to hotel, easy to use and drop the bags off then back on the metro into town.
Came out at Wenceslas Square to get a bit of a shock. M & S, Debenhams, Starbucks Macdonalds and even a Tesco delivery van, thought we must have got the Metro into Newcastle by mistake then we noticed that the cars and trams were driving on the wrong side of the road.
As it was the end of the Easter break Prague was quite busy with a lot of market stalls about and groups of tourists being lead around like cattle to all the sights. Much better by yourself then you can wander where you will. So it was a case of a lot of walking to see all the sights. Ladies if you ever do go to Prague don't wear your high heels as it's cobbled streets.


This was kindly taken by one of the locals we managed to chat to. It's looking down river to the Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the back ground. Long walk up the hill to the castle area but well worth it. We even went to a concert up there one night in St George's Basilica, Mozart and Vivaldi, make a change from Guns N' Roses. Actually there were quite a lot of music groups around the Old Town area, a lot of jazz and singing going on. 2

This is the Astronomical Clock, very crowded around here for when the hour strikes. The two small doors below the arch open to expose the figures and the skeleton moves it's arm to sound the bell then the trumpeter does his bit at the top of the tower.


This was the last stop off for coffee and ice cream before hopping on the Metro back to the airport, lovely. Plenty of places to eat and drink in Prague, just get away from the Old Town square and down the side streets it's cheaper. We found Prague to be very clean and safe to stroll about in, not like some of the stories you hear of. There were a few stag groups about, even one on our flight but all well behaved and friendly, even the Essex boys, LOL.So bloggers Prague is worth a visit but a local told us don't go in the summer as it's too crowded. The Makems

Thank you Derek and Eileen,  a weekend to remember, you certainly packed a lot into three days. Prague certainly sounds a great city to visit for a long weekend, but from reading your post best to go out of the holiday season.   


Andrea from Neath said...

Ooh lovely pics, I loved Prague! Went there in early February a few years ago and we had fresh snow the day we arrived! Beautiful city.

Sarah and Tony said...

This brings back some great memories. Tony took me there for a few day in 1996. There was very little Western influence then, certainly none of the multinational chain stores and coffee shops. It snowed our our last night, so we spent our last day rushing round seeing the sights again in the snow.

Stuart said...

Take3 a tip from one who knows - Don't even look at the cakes!!

Jay Smith said...

Nice pics! Eastern Europe is yet to be explored and I can't wait to start it off with my Prague city breaks. I'm already excited! Thought I'd share.