23 April 2012

Poorly Babies


Here's Eva and Esther enjoying a stroll in the dunes after a manic blast on the beach!!  Good to see after a sickly week that has seen poorly tummies - even the cat - conjunctivitis and a phantom pregnancy!!! Poor little Esther hasn't been herself and she's got lots of milk. So after some medication unfortunately that has made her sick she is returning to her old self and the milk is drying up! Jayne Fletcher

Thank you Jane, it is quite common for a bitch on some medication for a phantom pregnancy to be sick. Once the medicine stops the sickness soon subsides. Please to read they are back to normal and have had fun on the beach. 



Oh dear Jayne, the trials and tribulations of dog owning. At least they are all back to normal now.

The Makems

Jayne f said...

I know!! It all comes at once as well! Esther still not great. She still has milk and has had the medication for 7 doses and is still sickly
She seems to be ok then goes down again.

patricia said...

Well they both are looking good now x

gaznsue said...

Hi, jayne sorry to hear about esther. i hope she gets well soon PS c ya at the fun day X