18 April 2012

Something For Stuart’s CD Player

Hi All

Well Mum (K9), Brian,Sapphire, Jazz and myself thought " what would Stuart like to listen to while he is in Hospital to cheer himself up with" so we came up with a TOP 10 list for him please feel free to add you're own song that he might like to listen to and perhaps we could get a new pop chart and call it "STU'S HOT POP 100" Our top 10 are :-at

10, You're so vain by Carle Simon

9, Anybody who had a heart by Cilla Black

8, Sheer heart attack by Queen

7, First cut is the deepest by Rod Stewart

6, Heart of gold by Neal Young

5, Heart and soul by T'pau

4' Heartache by Bonny Tyler

3, Heart Breaker by Dionne Warwick

2, The Streak by Ray Stevens


1, Heartbeat by Buddy Holly

there is one just out side the top 10 and that one is Monty Pythons Always look on the bright side of life. So we hope everything goes well for Stuart and we wish him a speedy recovery, we are thing of you Stuart all the way and as Queen sung Friends Will Be Friends  from Carmel, Brian, Sapphire, Jazz and Ian.
Thank you K9, how about
, “ Give Me Back My Heart - 1982 – Dollar”!
and My Heart Will Go On - 1998 - Celine Dion



Knowing Stuart's like for the dry wit I'm sure he will like the choice of music.

The Makems

Ozzie Liz said...

Before the op Stu's top choices would have been:
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Unbreak My Heart

But Ï am sure I can now hear Stuart singing "My Heart Will Go On" in the Intensive Care Unit.

Cheers for a speedy recovery Stuart from Ozzie Liz in Down Under Land.