09 April 2012

Update From Lucy And Odie

Good day fellow blog members,
Thought I should send you a picture of Odie and Lucy as they are growing up here in Sunny Scotland.
As you can see Odie likes to be in the driving seat.... Lucy is much more relaxed!  Happy Easter all :-)

Thank you Debbie, hope you are enjoying holiday Monday. It is lovely to catch up with your babies. Do hope Odie passes his test first time!  The weather is miserable down here. We wanted to take Asha simulated coursing today but not going due to the forecast of rain all day.



This has to be the funniest photo i've seen in a long time. Brilliant, just Brilliant!!!!
I thought Bramble was clever but this will take some beating.

enid said...

Ours love sitting in the driving seat of the camper van. Wish it was sunny here.

Stuart said...

When Maurice does it he leans on the hooter!

k9 said...

aaaahhhhh bless looks like the one driving is in practice for a bit of rally driving lol from the k9 marshal crew

Tina W said...

great pic!!

patricia said...

when can I take my test!! lovely.