25 May 2012

Calendar Dogs


It’s been some time since I caught up with the blog, mainly due to work/family, however we have some exciting news about our lovely little Archie, some months ago whilst walking in the Cotswold country park near Cheltenham, I was approached by a lady who said she would like to take some pictures of Archie as she was a pro canine photographer and did not have many Bedlington pics, I met with her some weeks later and she brought her husband along who also took some pictures, they are Bob and Pam Langrish, Bob Langrish is a celebrated equine photographer who has recently been awarded an MBE and is official photographer for the Olympic equestrian events, Pam Langrish is gaining a reputation as a wonderful canine / feline photographer. Anyway Archie’s pics have been chosen for 3 months of the Avonside 2013 calendar , he is February July and November , we have also been asked if we are willing for more pics to be taken, and we are .This is not a financial arrangement but we have been given copy of all the pictures we wanted to let the blog know and especially Bernard ,and Paula O Leary who entrusted us to provide this lovely dog with a loving home. I am especially pleased myself as since having a brief lesson with Paula, I have been responsible for trimming Archie, so despite some errors he is still good enough to be a calendar boy. If people wish they can google search Avonside Bedlington calender 2013 and look at the images on the reverse of the calender to see Archie (and others of course).regards Paul and Jenny Hooper and Archie

Thank you Paul and Jenny fantastic news so exciting to have your dog featured in calendar that is being retailed countrywide  I was also approached by a photographer for the photos and was lucky enough to have the dogs featued over the 12 months in this year’s calendar. All the dogs have a staring roll even the oldies which were 12 and 14 when photographed two year’s ago. The photos are just lovely and i spent about £100 buying calendars as Christmas presents for our family.


bill said...

windy day? looks good

Polly said...

Congratulations Calendar Boy Archie, Paul and Jenny!