27 May 2012

Juniors At School


Hi All,
I know it’s not Midland Musings day but I have to slot these things in when and where I can! As you can see, (and I’m sure Sal & Gav would agree) our ring craft is more of a youth club. The photo is of Arthur, Erin, bezzy mate Enzo and hero Archie the Irish in the background. I’m sure some of the more serious participants, (sorry Tony!) find us very juvenile and annoying but we have such fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new boy baby Frenchie is just the most adorable little chap, he has no fear of anyone. He chewed on Erin’s topknot like some huge candyfloss, even she was none plused.
Great to hear the news about Asha, you must be very excited Lesley, hope all goes well. Thanks for the birthday wishes, had a lovely week, really couldn't have wished for better weather. Back to work Sunday, so roll on the next holiday! Hope to see some of you soon at the Midland Champ Show. Bye for now, Jane xxx


Thank you Jane Junior class sounds a whole lot of fun, I think lots of playing and not much learning at this St Trinian’s School For Dogs!

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