30 May 2012

The Welsh News From Enid


Good morning, Bloggers. As you can see from the photo we had a great morning waiting for the Olympic Torch relay to come through Merthyr. The atmosphere was tremendous and we positioned ourselves to watch the final runner come into the park. He was the one in the photo with the grandsons last Sunday on the Blog. They also had a photo with Gethin Jones and as the children were speaking to him in Welsh he wanted to know if Ecco was Welsh speaking! Unfortunately the photo did not turn out very well - so not good enough to share. I hope Ian manages to get some shots today at Llangollen. Diane Herbert's dog , Pippa, gave her a nasty scare a couple of weeks ago. She ate some peanuts a neighbour had left out for the birds and was very unwell. She was violently sick and was on a drip overnight. She is fine now but, thank goodness. I didn't realise that peanuts could have such an adverse reaction in dogs. One more thing to be careful of!
Irene's puppies are blooming and will soon go to their new owners. I wish I lived closer so that I could have gone to see them. The two bitches are staying with Irene and Sue so I'll see them when they are shown for the first time.

I'm sorry that I have not been making any comments on the blog but I have tried and tried ro register and Have not been able to . I'll have to get Jon on the case. We're off to Southern Counties on Thursday so good luck to everyone showing. Enid

Thank you Enid a very exciting time for the Welsh community with the torch visiting towns in Wales. The puppies look lovely real bundles of mischief, I do hope the new owners  join the blog and send us in photos. Sorry to hear about your computer problem, you are not the only one who is have trouble. I also know Trevor and Jane can’t post blog comments! 


Viv said...

May not simply be the peanuts themselves that were at fault. For "bird" peanuts, the suppliers often treat them with something to inhibit bugs and mould growth, which is why people should never eat "bird food" peanuts. Presumably, the same applies to dogs.

Tina W said...

Years ago I ate bird peanuts and was really ill!!

Stuart said...

We all know that you washed them down with four pints of lager and half a bottle of vodka.

Tina W said...

Ha ha -actually I can't drink vodka -it makes me sick-someone once slipped one into my tomato juice and I was soooo sick! Now Gin or whiskey that's a different matter.

Stuart said...

It was the Vodka then!