29 June 2012

Belated Happy Birthday To Ronnie Who Has Just Celebrated Her First Birthday




Here are the Ronnie pics I attempted to send on her 1st birthday (june 20th) to the Tiscali account- wondered why they never appeared!
She is such a good lass now, and having passed her Bronze, is now training for silver- tho I suspect only responding to commands with the lure of sausage, she is a long way off from taking the test....
Amusingly, she now cocks her leg every time she wees. I thought maybe she was copying my mam's boy dog who she stayed with recently but our trainer tells me it's an indication she's a good strong bitch! Any other bloggers experienced this?

Thank you Carly so sorry for missing Ronnie’s birthday. It could have been the email system or I accidently deleted it your letter. I can’t stress enough if you don’t get a reply or see your post on the blog resend  the email. If for some reason I could not post your letter and/or photos I would let you know.
Well done on your Bronze now onwards and up wards towards to silver test.
  I have never seen a bitch cock her leg before, this is a new one for me!


karen said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie, my bitches cock there leg when the grass is wet :)

Debbie said...

Happy birthday sister ! Hope you had a good day and are settled into your home well. x Odie