28 June 2012

Introducing “Touch”


“Touch” who lives in Holland with “Devlin” the Kerry Blue is a typical bedlington! There can’t be many bedlingtons on the blog whose favourite seat is not on top of the sofa! Many thanks to Jacco for the photo.


Agathasmum Louise said...

Hi Touch, lovely to see you on the blog. Yes, that is definitely the number 1 favourite seat for Chokks and Aggie as well.

I hope we see more photos of Touch, it's lovely to see Bedlingtons from other countries.

martin and julie said...

Hi Touch you look lovely!

Sarah and Tony said...

Nice to see you Touch, we like perching on the back of the sofa too. Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

Hello Mr Van Der Torre!!!
Are you ok!?
Touch looks comfortable, where's your Kerry Blue!?

k9 said...

Hello Touch glad to see you on the Blog and a big Welcome to you and your family
The K9 Marshal Crew