29 June 2012

Yesterday At The Royal Norfolk Show

Another lovely day today at the Royal Norfolk Show - we were happily having a party, and a dog show broke out.  The usual suspects were there - Mary, Gay, Karen, Nicky, Joan and me, with Helen, Natalie and Dawn roped in as extra handlers. (Kath & Lucy were working and couldn't go)

1st    Mary's Mavis
2nd  Gay's Barney

1st    one of Mrs Baldwin's, but don't know which, as I'm too tight to buy a catalogue - also went RBOB
2nd    Joan's Petal
3rd    Mary's Bridget
4th    Kath's Freddie
VHC   Karen's Taz

1st Viv's Bonnie, BOB and pulled out in the Group
2nd Nicky's Yuva
3rd  Joan's Ziggy
4th  Mrs Baldwin's other one

All the dogs had a nice walk round the main show, and were fussed and patted by about a thousand people, then sat in the shade and crashed out! Weather in the afternoon was baking hot - we all went home after the Group judging, so we didn't have to sit for hours in a queue of show traffic on the A47. Good time had by all !  Sorry, no photos - no-one to wield the camera, as we were all too busy flitting in and out of the ring. Viv

Thank you Viv congratulations to you and Bonnie, a good entry, nice to see the bedlington classes well represented.  It certainly was a baking hot day yesterday, unfortunately we are back to wet, wet, wet, today in Oxfordshire..



Well done to all the Fen Gang. Will make it one day.

The Makems

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

Well done all.
Well done Mary too, with Seaofiron where angels play and Bridget's pup too!!