10 July 2012

Hello From Ibiza


Just thought I would send you an update of my laid back life here in Ibiza where the locals
still keep asking my Mum if I am a lamb. Even the farmer next door asked if I wanted to go
with his sheep for a graze around the field I am not allowed into.


Having a great time at the moment as my Mums granddaughter is here until the end of August and I can be on guard duty and I even share my biscuits, but Morgan is too small to eat them, so I just eat them all myself. My Mum took me to the three dog shows we have here on the island where I really strutted my stuff and won Best in Show in February, Reserve Best in Show in March and again Reserve Best in Show in May. Much too hot now for hanging around at dog shows, so I just laze around doing what I like when I like. Till the next time, Maisie (Ibiza)

Thank you Maisie, you re definitely dog pin up girl in Ibiza, congratulation for gaining  two reserve best in show wins!  What beautiful baby, you have a very special task, do take very good care of her!  Well enjoy all that lazing around in the sun, we are very envious as all we wake up to  is cloud and rain. Do keep in touch, we will be thinking of you  enjoying  your sun downers BBQ chicken by the pool.



Hello Maisie, please, please send us some of your sun.

The Makems

k9 said...

Hello Maisie
Welcome to the blog. you look such a little cool sweetheart sitting pretty in the sunshine
From Sapphire, Jazz and Sapphire