24 July 2012

Tuesday’s Musings From Jane


At long, long last we’ve seen an end to those dreary unseasonably wet and cold most un-summery days. Now all we have to wish for is that the sunshine will last and make up for its most notable absence. Happily for us, the weather in Suffolk was a bit better than in many parts of the country, when we took one of our annual visits there a couple of weeks ago. Maya and her offspring were delighted to be back in "bunnyland", Southwold has a real rabbit problem, which our lot would love to make it their job to fix lol! Unfortunately we had just missed the Olympic torch making its journey through Reydon and passed the beach-huts in Southwold, mum did catch a glimpse though.


Last week we had a very special visitor, Anne who bought Luka from us almost 7 years ago was taking a well earned break in a lovely cottage on the Shropshire boarders close to us. So not to miss the opportunity she called round for a catch up, it was wonderful to see them both again. He is a real character, (well aren’t all beddlies!), he had recently had a grass seed between his toes and was doing a real Oscar nomination performance to make sure we knew about it. Anne is going to try camping with him so may make next years "fun day". I love catching up with puppies we have bred, as I’m sure the rest of us do. It is most satisfying to know they are in homes where they are loved and will remain for all their lives.

Lets hope the summer is here to stay now and Leeds dog show on Sunday will be spared the deluge so many others this year have been forced to endure. Jane xxx

Thank you Jane Southwold sea front is deserted you would never think the photo was taken mid summer. I love the photo of Luka out side the cottage another good calendar entry! Pretty it may be but I don’t think I would like to live in a cottage with low ceilings beams and the resident spiders.. 
Asha’s pups are now weeks old and dates are being booked in the calendar for them to go to their new homes at the end of next month. They all have lovely new homes waiting, but for me it will be sad saying good-by and handing them over to their new Mums and Dads. On a positive note I am sure I will get lots of photos and hopefully see them from time to time on visits and at bedlington events. 


enid said...

About time you and Trevor came camping too!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Doesnt the sun make a difference ....... :-)

Hopefully, it will remain for Sunday & as you say Jane, a dry show, that will be nice.

& hopefully we will have good weather for the rest of the year.

Stuart said...

Come on Les, where's your sense of humour? Spiders are hunted mercilessly by Bedlingtons!
Our house doesn't suffer from spiders. Angie is an arachnophobe of the first order and has discovered that our eight legged friends hate dust. With the fluff and powder involved in preparing our gang and a few others 'Nuff said!!

Lesley 2 said...

You can keep your creepy crawlies Stu we have one room in our house with beams,cobwebs and nasties seem to appear over night!! I dread the thouhgt of living in a house full of of daddy long legs. They also turn up regularly in the bath, trying to remove them without sending them down the plug hole takes some doing!