25 July 2012

Wednesday’s News From Wales

Good morning, Bloggers. Meet our newest prospective Junior Handler, Lucas. he's the first grandchild of Maria and Alan and that makes Jake a very proud uncle! I'm sure that Morgan and Esther will love him and as he only lives 5 mins. away they will see quite a lot of him. Now that he has arrived safely, Maria can go off in the caravan for a well deserved holiday.


It's very hot here and the dogs have been seeking the shade although Fizz does have to go a sun bathe in the hottest spots for a short time! We're off to the Millennium Stadium this  afternoon for the Women's Football. It's Team GB playing New Zealand. Our seats are in the front row near the goalpost- so look out for us on TV! We're going down to Cardiff on the X4 bus with our bus passes and we've got Granny seats ( concessions) so it's not costing us a fortune.
It's Elwyn's granddaughter's birthday on Thursday so I'd like to wish Alma a very happy third birthday in New Zealand.
We're off to Harewood House on Friday for the Leeds Championship Show and are going to stay up in York until the NBTC Show on the following Saturday. Fortunately, I have a very good neighbour who will water my pots while we are away. Good luck to all those showing over the next two weeks. Enid

Thank you Enid congratulations to Maria and Alan an exciting time with a new baby in the family. Don’t forget your sun hat this afternoon it will be scorching in the stadium, I feel sorry for the girls who have to play in this heat. Safe trip up to Leeds hope the weather holds, right now this warm dry weather is just perfect for a few days camping!

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