02 July 2012

Yesterday At Poachers Rest Working Show


Working Ch Issacc Gipcyan, BOB in the Bedlington show and  Reserve In The Terrier Racing



.No luck in the championship today

Miss Pie 2nd Bedlington bitch.

Well  done Billy another good day for the Gypsian Bedlington team!  Issaac has certainly been very successful in the show classes and on the racing field at countryside shows..    


Stuart said...

How much did you win there Bill?
We would like a running total.
If my memory serves me right it is more than a card with an advert on it.

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

Well done.

bill said...

it was only £25 for the champ then £100 for the Ch of Ch at the end of the show
the ferret show was cancelled due to double booking and that was £25
if all had gone well i could have been £150 up!!

Julie said...

Well Done Billy.

Lesley and John said...

Well Done Billy


Well done Billy, Issacc and Miss Pie.

David Bruce said...

Vince - the show organiser says there was only one entry in Bedlington dog and only two in Bedlington bitch . .

Bieke's mum said...

Bieke says well done Mum and Dad (and Billy)